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A great big thanks to Nistevo LLC and Matter Wheels!!

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I wrote an article on a problem I was having with wheel wobble, wheels running out of balance. I seemed to have more of a problem with Matter wheels for some reason. I emailed customer service for Nistevo, a company owned by Julie Glass, that sells Luigino racing products and Matter wheels. They told me to send them the wheels I was having a problem with so they could check them out. Josh Haagan told me up front he couldn't promise me anything but that they needed to have the wheels in house to see what was going on with them. Today I received brand new replacement wheels from Nistevo. In my opinion they went above and beyond. I was surpised they offered to look at them knowing that I hadn't even purchased the wheels from them in the first place.

It is great to have a company, that sells products we use, that is willing to go the extra mile and stand behind their goods. It is a rare commodity in todays disposable world. We need more companies like Nistevo. Thanks Julie and Josh!


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Congrats on Following Through. Any Explanations?

Hey andrewinnc... That's awesome that you took the trouble to send those in and that they responded so well. I wondered if they gave any explanation as for what happened? They'll be phasing out their Matter wheels involvement starting in 2008 it seems. Something about only having North American rights on that. So they've created Answer Wheels in order to control worldwide distribution. I don't know much about it obviously.
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No explanations

The shipping receipt said they were replaced under warranty. No explanation from Josh. I knew the hubs were cracked before I sent them in, I am sure that is what they found as well. A couple of the wheels had almost no wear on them at all.

I saw they were phasing out the Matter wheels in favor of Answer wheels. It will be nice to have another competitor in the market. Always good to have another choice and helps to keep the price from getting to prohibitive.

Bont has come out with some new wheels, they are calling them G4's. There is a lot of chatter about them on the other boards. They are in the price range of MPC's.  

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