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The greatest endurance athletes: sled dogs?

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Are you calling me a sled dog?

Sled dogs have got to be some of the top endurance specialists.  But they may run a close 2nd to any guy that's tolerated the same woman for 10+ years.  The constant nagging, badgering, honey-do lists, etc make men some of the top endurance creatures of the globe.......I'm just sayin.  ;-)

Hey, what's that great line in Ferris Buehler's Day Off? .....the scene where he cons his way into the 5 star restaurant impersonating the Sausage King of Chicago, Abe Frohman, and has a quick spat with the waiter......   Ah yes:

"It's understanding that allows a person like me to tolerate a person such as yourself"   what a great line.

BAM!  Take that - rewind it back - Little John got the sound that make your booty go rrrrriiiiiinnnnggg.

C'mon now, y'all know I'm just goofin'

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My heart rate just shot through the roof

"But they may run a close 2nd to any guy that's tolerated the same woman for 10+ years.  The constant nagging, badgering, honey-do lists, etc make men some of the top endurance creatures of the globe"

Uh-oh! I feel a fight coming on! Put 'em up...put 'em up!

Seriously, just invert the words 'guy' and 'woman' and the outcome is still the same (well except you have to change the next 'men' to 'women'. Never mind). Just sayin! And a good friend once said to me 'the first time, you're a victim, the second time, you're a volunteer!'. And there's always "Fool me once, shame on - shame on you, fool me - you can't get fooled again".

Sorry. I've had a hard day nagging and badgering. ;-)

Gah. Is it skate weather yet?!

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Easy Tiger......deep breaths

I kinda knew putting that comment out there would generate a little activity.  And it's comforting to know ladies have such a good sense of humor.......you do right?  Right?

Can I take it back?  Because upcoming skate events would have me looking pretty silly either skating in full hockey regalia or getting beat up behind the banana/bagel table.

Moral:  thinketh before you typeth.   Darn it!  So simple yet so difficult.......ARG.

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Hockey Speed Skater

Ha! It was pretty clear the comment was more about specific feelings rather than global ones, even if it was state as a global comment. But in the midst of car research and prep for negotiations, any kind of comment could serve as tinder. Car salespeople everywhere thank you for absorbing some energy, MikeB. Heh. Funny stuff. Care to tell us about the ten years? Hmm. Think before typing. How often have I needed to do that! Type then sleep then edit, that's what I should do.

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You can't take it back and I don't want you to because it gave me a big laugh! I thought you must've had too many before typing, or maybe that you'd been at another 3 day hockey tournament or something.

In the absence of a full smiley list, I guess I have to write more creatively to indicate mild jocularity, or use even more exclamation points than I already did!!!:-) :-) :-) !!!!

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It's not that you keep meeting them and irrelevant ramblings

It's not that you keep meeting these women (men). It's that you keep giving them your number. I think that's a Marianne Williamson one, from one of her audio tapes, which are often pretty interesting when about relationships among humans rather than the later ghosts or spirits or whatever it is she got into after her interesting book, A Return to Love.


OK some of you would gag on that book and I ignored a lot of it, but it's an interesting take on the whole simple love/fear choice primitive brain thing, which Harville Hendrix gets to in some other ways in Getting the Love you Want and other X the Y you Z catchy titles.


Hendrix deals with the fear side by pointing out that people learn early to either minimize (run away) or maximize (run toward) fearful situations as a way of coping with them. He has interesting things to say about the development of the child in relation to they types of upbringers a child has. For example, a parent who is good at doting on a very young child may not be so good at letting the child walk down the hall, go around the corner, and explore alone for awhile, much less go to college! Anyway how did I get onto this? So yeah check out Hendrix if you want to hear some interesting stuff about how we pick our partners for long term bliss or misery. He basically says we look for "home" in our partners...the good AND bad (by our estimation) traits of our upbringers.

As for the A Return to Love book, it's way good if you're looking to consider another way of dealing with things to see if it works. It basically says most choices are either fear based or love based, and that you can make a conscious choice (when doing well at things) to choose a loving response to a fearful situation. This might not work too well in a hockey game, but there are times it might do OK, and perhaps even in a hockey game you could love 'em while givin' them a lesson on superior skating and scoring maneuvers. Anyway sure this is mumbo jumbo but some of the Course in Miracles stuff she tries to explain is good. Like I say, I ignored some chapters and repeatedly read others.

Another simple take on the same subject is the book Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald Jampolski. He spent a lot of time working with children with cancer, as I recall. It's a nice simple book about handling all sorts of difficult topics.


I have often wondered if the members of Toad the Wet Sprocket were coming from some knowledge of this love/fear in their works, particularly, the album fear, of course. There is undoubtedly a huge undercurrent of knowledge of Christian parables and as I recall they grew up going to church to some extent. Of particular interest is the number of references to lying and liars across the albums, also to fear, love, brothers, miracles, all bound up with understanding a confluence of religion and adolescent experience with sexuality and more, perhaps (see Walk on the Ocean for an image of the miraculous walking water feeling, transubstantiation of a different sort, trust is a joke, memories, aging).


I hope before I die I take time to write my way through their albums. I've played their songs on the guitar with great joyrow and listened to them down the highway. There's too much there to cover, which is so great. The songs that keep on giving year after year, especially with time off between listens. And what great concerts in the small standup bars especially. Good times, even in tough times.

OK that's it for me for now! Hope somebody somewhere reads or listens and gets something from this ramble. And remember Hungry Angry Lonely Tired and HALT before you do it if you are. If only I could live up to my own standards, ha!

Skateylove, puppies!

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And perhaps a Toad trip is in order

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Regarding Sled Dogs, Irrelevantly, Spring Snow in Georgia

Yes I'm visiting peachyville and it's snowing here. Amazing. Thanks to eebee for the textsup.

Yes, those sled dogs are amazing. I recently saw a vid about the wolves and coyotes in Yellowstone, and it was amazing to see those guys running in their savage battles out there in the land of survival over self-help books, ha.

Dogs of the sleddy sort are pretty amazing all the way around. I like those Alaskan Malamutes.


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A couple of interesting outcomes of the sled dog studies

I found these two "deliverables" of the DARPA work to be interesting...

  • "Stanford researchers have developed a cooling device, now marketed by a company called Avacore Technologies, that lets athletes and soldiers cool their core body temperature the way dogs do. "
  • "Lance Armstrong has been drinking a sports supplement based on quercetin, a plant-based flavonoid that's supposed to increase production of mitochondria."

Also, I usually notice anything that mentions any benefit to stores of fat:

  • "Most important, though, the dogs rebuild their glycogen stores. It's likely that they manage this miracle by literally switching much of the fuel they use from glucose to fat. No cell burnout, no lactic-acid buildup, no long-term depletion of stored glycogen. In a journal article, Davis and colleagues used scientific understatement, calling the discovery 'a novel finding.' In fact, Bielitzki recalls, the news 'shocked everybody.'"

That's an interesting article in several ways, including the military backing, how people find careers, the importance of trust in research (and elsewhere), awesome dogs!, background issues of performance enhancement, how training might change, and more. Thanks for posting.

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