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Hard-to-Find Rollerblade ABT-Lite Brake Available at Sun & Ski Sports, Discover Mills, GA

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Funny how things work out sometimes. I spent too much time this weekend agonizing over which shipping fees to pay when buying some replacement hard-to-find Rollerblade ABT-Lite brake pads for my speed skate brake set up ($5 makes a lot of difference to me right now). I ended up not buying any. No real, physical sporting goods stores I've visited over the past 2 years stocked these, that I could see.

Today my son decided he wanted to get a skateboard helmet, so we went to Sun & Ski Sports at Discover Mills Outlet Mall, which is off Hwy 120 in Lawrenceville, GA. Some of you may remember this as the arduous hill leading up to A2A's 4th Rest Stop at mile 56. My son picked out a Leprechaun-green Triple Eight helmet, which looked like it belonged on his orange-haired, blue-eyed head. I turned around to see a somewhat more plentiful-than-last-year inline rec and trick skate display, and realizing this, I practically ran to the accessories section to check out their brake pad offerings. There hanging in neat rows were the elusive ABT-Lites!! They cost the same as those online ($9.99 for a pack of two), minus shipping costs.

I was so ridiculously happy I blew way more than $5 (shipping) on Gu packets, a plastic Gu refillable flask and other fun skate accessories.  


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Glad you got some brake pads locally

That's great news. I know lots of people will be glad to know they may find these at a local Sun and Ski Sports location. Here's a link to their store locations...


As we noted this weekend, almost everyone wanted retail for this, then they wanted to add shipping. I seem to recall a time when online purchases were less than retail to make up a bit for the cost of shipping (and luxurious handling).

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