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Heather Richardson Interview After Gold

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Here's a quick interview article with more from the mom than the skater and coach, taken from email and web material as well. Just like going to sit in the stands for a sporting event. You want to know what the athletes are thinking...not the former ones except for maybe the coach...but you hear the parents of course, coaching from the stands and discussing the logistics, because you're not an athlete down there but a spectator up here. Good reason to have an ipod or talk with the person beside you on stereo headset phone calls! :o)

It should be said that the writer can make a huge difference in how you come off in an interview. Usually there is a long interview and a short quote, and they seem to pick things that spice up the interview rather than explain anything we might want to know as relevant background. This piece has the typical newspaper style of start with the best stuff and let it die after people have quit reading...like old baseball game stories in the paper. I wonder how much of the named products Heather RIchardson actually ingests during the season, and if these are product placement mentions or just free ads. 

I'm not sure how long the photo link from news-record might work but I may have seen this one before elsewhere. Check the position of the silver glove and left elbow and shoulder.



Heather Richardson's not satisfied with 1st win - Greensboro News & Record -

Heather Richardson's not satisfied with 1st win
Greensboro News & Record
GREENSBORO -- Winning two World Cup races, setting a track record and leading in points for the 1000 meters in speedskating isn't enough for ...


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Good to hear what she's up to

"Typical newspaper style" (="inverted pyramid") yeah, I guess so. He had an email from Heather, a quick phone call to her mom, and a press release from her coach. I think you wrote as much as the newspaper guy did.

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