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How I Wasted (or Enjoyed) a Morning of Danny MacAskill Trick Bike Videos

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With the weather being windy and uncertain at 5:45am when we had to get going if we were going, we decided to bail again on the training ride.

We sat outside for a while around 6am looking at the wind bending the trees and looked at radar on our phones. The 20 was not worth driving that far for, and if we did the 41, we were afraid there would not be many other riders (or skaters) at our pace doing that distance.

Not wanting to be a hassle, and not wanting to face strong winds, especially if the event were not well attended, we excused ourselves (after conferring with some mates on it).

So I got an email from Sparky of the Tater Rides about some video of a rider. The video seems indie movie and I usually love that but I almost stopped it. Wow am I glad I watched.

Seeing the possible extends the normal, and I had the normal and the possible expanded in my mind by this...not just the cycling, but the level of YouTube interest in it, the filming of it, the preparation and testing, the repetition it must have required.

So here are some more things I found on YouTube.

Industrial Revolutions: Starts a bit slowly, but there are some on no he didn't moments here. If you watch just one, this is probably the one. Rail to rail 180 hop. Riding a cable. Hopping across a roof with no roofing material. More. Also good indie film use of tracking shots and dolly moves, probably using more modern, lightweight, portable cranes and dollies.



Way Back Home. Edinburgh to Isle of Skye: Nice views, with lots of good tricks. My idea for a new PBS travel series, ha: Britain through the bike door (or bike dare).



Inspired Bicycles: Highlights from several months. 26 million views! Watch from 3 minutes on if you can't do it all. Tree back flip twist.



How to do a 360: Well more like how I do. But good views of key moments and tire pressure being pretty low. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ5JferNTX8 How to do a Bump Hop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9rVyWbTZao How to do a 360 Tyre Tap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCNQTPSS9Rw How to do a G Turn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKeuXzGFfHY

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