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How to Sign up for the Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood Team

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It's pretty easy to join our Roadskater.net team for the Tour to Tanglewood, a 2-day, 90-to-145 mile skate and ride to benefit the National MS Society. Go to this url...
...and sign up. this will put you on the roadskater.net team. I'm not sure what day is the last one to sign up for $30. In addition to the registration, you raise $200 or more for the National MS Society.
After a certain date, the only option is to pay the $230 up front. So if you're ready, sign up now.
Let me remind everyone:
  1. Cyclists are welcome on our team. It actually helps our effort to have cyclists supporting skaters by being on our team.
  2. It's not about how many miles you go.
  3. It is about helping others with far more exercising problems than we have.
  4. It is about being together to represent our sport at its best.
  5. We want you there at the finish sharing good stories and a great afternoon.
  6. SAG vehicles ping between rest stops, so if you feel behind a bit, you can sag forward, then get out and go again.
  7. Only you could possibly be bothered by how many or few miles or how fast you went while helping others who help people with MS.
Please join us!

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