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Ice Skating Treadmill; Plus OK Go "Here It Goes Again" Music Video

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Thanks to a skating newsletter from Londonskaters Mike, here's a link to a video about Cornell University's ice hockey training 'treadmill'. Huh? How'd they get the ice to wrap around like that? ;-)

I wonder why they need a harness to skate uphill? And sure, pavement/wheel friction complicates things, but a pair of inlines plus a hill would probably be cheaper.

And just for fun I'll include the link to OK Go!'s 33 million-viewed popular treadmill music video Here it goes Again.

Cornell's hockey training:

Crazy choreography, coordination and clothing!:


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Cool Fake Ice

I finally got to look at the vids a few days ago and now have things working enough here to answer. That's a cool machine they have there. I saw several fake ice rinks covered in newspapers last year, too, but that's something different. This ice hockey treadmill looks useful and practical (at least on university & college budgets these days). It'd be cool to have an inline treadmill available for rainy days...maybe one that hooks up to the grid to convert human power to electricity? Think of all the ways we could each generate power through human, wind or solar if we all had microgenerators. The OK Go stuff is great too. Imagine how many takes it took to get it right!

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