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Inline to Olympic Ice Speed Skates Again! Florida's Brittany Bowe Follows the Example of NC Speed Skater Heather Richardson

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Here's a well-done if brief local piece of writing from Florida, where they are mighty proud of their inline champion, Brittany Bowe. If I have it right, she was at the US Cup when I was there, skating for Verducci (she, not me, ha!)**. I may even have some photos of her skating with the Verducci gals, not sure (might have a photo of Heather Richardson from a US10K too.. 

Thus, like many inliners, Bowe must have figured out there's not much glory in being at the top of a non-Olympic sport, and why not give it a go. (I think she may have made an attempt at cycling some time back too.) Anyway, she and High Point's Heather Richardson had raced plenty, and seeing Richardson's success surely was a factor, and likely made it easier to make the decision and follow an example for the switch over to indoor long track ice speed skating. 

This could be a powerful duo for the USA and they could be ambassadors for inline everywhere. 

skateylove inline to ice skater traitors (jk). roadskater


** This was where I won the giant trophy for beinig the only one in my class (age that is). It was cold and wet (the weather and the trophy). And I swapped trophies with men's masters champion, Dan Burger, at his gleeful insistence. Anyway oops that's about me,  ha. 

Ocala native hopes for Olympics - Ocala -

Ocala native hopes for Olympics
Ocala native hopes for Olympics. In this Jan. 21, 2012 file photo, USA's Brittany Bowe skates to a fifth place finish in the women's 1000m at the World Cup speedskating event in Kearns, Utah. (AP Photo/George Frey). By Cathy Breitenbucher Correspondent ...

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