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Inline Skater Will Not Let Deafness Keep Him from Seeking Olympic Ice Speed Skating Dream PLUS Deaf and Blind Speed Skater!

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Oh boy I love my excuses. I need them! But some people have the genetics, psychosis, or whatever it is to overcome the challenges and keep seeking the Olympic dream.


Check out this article on a guy who can't hear the competition, but seems ready to beat them. An inliner, then a swimmer, then to drinks and drugs, back to inline, then he saw a buddy from inline skating on television in the Olympics...

It was time to transition to ice, a path already blazed by other inline skaters who'd gone on to race in the Olympics on the ice. He sold everything, including his car, and bought a one-way ticket to the Olympic Training Center in Utah.

And yes as we often admit, there can be an addiction there...a good one, we hope...

Hubbs craves the speedy, nearly frictionless glide of a frozen surface. "It feels like you're cutting the ice instead of standing on it," he says. "It feels like a knife. It doesn't matter how low you go, you won't fall."


Deaf AND Blind Speedskater. Every day I skate almost, someone says, looks like fun, I could never do that. I think have you seen me yet? Look at me! You could! 

Now I might tell them about the deaf and blind speedskater in Ottawa who is looking for more competition instead of more gold medals (then he can get some gold medals maybe)! 

More countries need to practise impaired skating before the International Paralympic Committee will consider adopting it.

“If I can get another 10 people who come from different countries, that’s a gold medal to me.”

Skate on my brother! 


Deaf inline skater switches to ice, aims for Olympics - Austin 360 -

Austin 360

Deaf inline skater switches to ice, aims for Olympics
Austin 360
Then he saw an old inline skating friend, Jordan Malone, on TV, competing at the Vancouver Olympics. Malone won a bronze medal. "I started thinking about how much I love speed skating," Hubbs says. At 27, though, he wondered if he was too old to get ...

[Inline Skating]


Deaf-blind speed skater to represent Canada at Impaired Skating Championships ... - MetroNews Canada -

Deaf-blind speed skater to represent Canada at Impaired Skating Championships ...
MetroNews Canada
Ottawa athlete Kevin Frost almost seems more concerned with raising awareness of impaired speed skating than winning gold medals. The deaf-blind speed skater who suffers from Usher Syndrome will represent Canada at the Impaired Skating Championship in ...

[Speedskating & Speedskaters]

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