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Interesting Article on Tramadol in Cycling and Other Sports (WSJ)

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This article is interesting to me mainly for what it explains about how they decide what substances should be banned, and why cyclists or at least their managers would want to have a drug banned. If there's no performance enhancement, OK. But I'd say being able to not abandon the next day is a sort of performance enhancement. What seems clear to me after this year of delayed startup for skating is that Tramadol makes some people l "loopy," and for others, it's a disappointment. :o) I took various pain killers in fear of how great they might me feel. I still never felt amazing! Oh well.

Anyway, not a bad article to remind us all to be careful what we take before going on the road in a car or on wheels.

I wonder what percentage of drivers on the road are actively under the influence of an opiod, alcohol, or other performance disenhancer.

I usually don't like reading the comments section, but even early on there are some funny responses.

If you have trouble reading the link, just do a Google or other search for the title, and WSJ will let you read it.

The Painkiller That Cycling Wants to Ban - Wall Street Journal -

Wall Street Journal

The Painkiller That Cycling Wants to Ban
Wall Street Journal
The evidence for tramadol's role in dramatic accidents is mainly anecdotal, but fears are growing on the professional scene, which is gathered this week in Qatar for the road cycling world championships. Cyclists ride with their wheels mere inches away ...

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