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International Skating Union (ISU) Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating Live on the Web

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Just a quick reminder that ISU's website streams some speed skating, depending on broadcast blackouts. As I write, the long track speed skating men's 500m is on. Soon the short track may be available too. 


The specific link for the long track event on now is...


To check schedules, you can use the following site, but be careful with any links there and don't download .exe files or fall for ads which mention you don't have the right codec or video player. Check your downloads directory after you're finished, too! Having said that, sometimes you can find feeds for events that no USA broadcaster has purchased. 



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1000m Long Track Brittany Bowe, Heather Richardson, Shani Davis

According to this, among USA participants, Brittany Bowe and Heather Richardson will be skating the 1000m in a few minutes...spoiler alert if you view this Saturday morning, say, after sunrise...



After that, Shani Davis is in the next group. 

Sugar Todd, who did well in the 500m, will be in the next group...
Mitchell Whitmore has a decent PB in his group next...
The go at it again overnight tomorrow as well. 
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Long Track and Short Track Live Streams Again Plus Replays

The live streams for both long and short track are on again. The link above for the long track event is working. The first group of women's 500m is finished. Not sure how long the stream will last. Yesterday it stopped before all the events were over, as I recall. 

The following link should work for the short track skating in a few minutes...


We are lucky that NBC didn't buy this so they could not show it. We are also lucky to be able to watch with such great quality. This is how sports get fans...by being affordably available...preferably free to watch with an internet connection. 

BY THE WAY if the stream stops and shifts you back to short track or vice versa, use the specific link and refresh that link. 

This is great stuff to learn from, especially the long track, in my opinion. After each pair they show the winner doing the last turn's crossovers, plus some other highlights. 

Hope this helps someone watch!

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Heads-up for Calgary

It looks like 2 pm EST this Saturday is when the stream goes live for the Essent ISU World Cup Speed Skating Round 6 from Calgary, Canada. It will be held on Jan 19th and 20th.

At least I hope that's the time for the Calgary. It's easy to get the countdown clock showing for a different event than the one you want to know about. But that agrees with the meet schedule on Wikipedia.

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Calgary World Cup Speed Skating Replays Free

The same link for the main video page works to be able to see the replays of Calgary's speed skating. Go to this address: 


Next, look at "Playlists" and click on "2012/2013 World Cup Speed Skating 6 - Calgary," then click the event you want to see in the "Playlist Videos." 

I recommend watching in chronological order, which is to say, starting at the end of the playlist videos and working your way leftward. At very least it's a bit less "spoiled" if you watch race (1) in a given distance before watching race (2), because the start order in (2) just might be determined by finish placements in race (1). Either way, it's speed skating on the long track with no ice derby allowed and I do prefer that (though short track is fine, but in the trend of taking non-contact, speed, human or gravity powered sports and making them crowded for crashes). Where's the track and field 100 meter zig zag hill and water sprintcross? Someday. Ick.

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