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Interview: Greg LeMond at Tour de Cure Seattle

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Here's an ok interview with Greg LeMond, with the usual business promo and a bit of info on why he's involved with Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association. Once he gets past that stuff, he talks some ok riffs on cycling in general, discussing Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis a bit. He mentions an article in the New York Times that sounds like one I forwarded to my dad some time back...a really good series actually, probably available on nytimes.com still. LeMond was shot in a hunting accident between some of his Tour de France victories, and he explains shooting skills as a youth, some of his current pastimes, and he makes an easy joke after this quote...

I have hunted since I got shot, but no bird hunting. Now I'm more of a fisherman. I used to trapshoot. I was actually a junior national champion. My parents are trapshooters, so I'm more into target stuff. That led to hunting, but I'm more of a fly-fisherman now and a skier ... and I made my living racing. That all sounds a little safer (than hunting.) Riding a bike can be dangerous, skiing can be dangerous ... but I have never hunted turkey since getting shot.

It's worth a quick read perhaps, and good to hear he's out doing well and giving back to the sport to help others by cycling...


Seattle Post Intelligencer
Five minutes with ... famed cyclist Greg LeMond 
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 1 hour ago
... There are so many charity organizations, why pick diabetes to fight? ... I've done stuff with (the ADA) in the past, and they use cycling as their fund-raiser and. ...

[Charity Cycling]

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