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Inzell Outdoor Ice Rink Now Indoors; Kia Speed Skating Academy; Sven Kramer Works Out; Havard Bokko Shani Davis 1500m

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Alas, a place I wanted to visit no longer exists. Well, not as it was. See m earlier piece, Shani Davis Wins Silver and Gold in Speed Skating World Championships; Tyler Farrar leads Tirreno-Adriatico Cycling Stage Race, for a photo of the beautiful outdoor 400m rink in Inzell. But of course, event planners usually don't like to depend on the weather if they don't have to, and an indoor rink probably gets a lot more use and provides a more consistent environment, but wow, what a beautiful place to skate that is now more like all the rest. 



I got interested in this subject and looked to find that yes, it's true, they covered the outdoor rink. So what was it like before? Check out this video to see the fog rising in the morning as they work out (0:52). (I admit this could be dangerous, but how can you not love it?) Don't miss Sven Kramer working out for the camera with the bungees (3:18) and more, plus soaking in what seem to be large trash cans (like city trash departments often require residents to use)...sorry no English but worth watching...


There might still be a reason for want to be elite athletes to go to Inzell: the Kia Speed Skating Academy...



It seems that Inzell was feeling a bit left out and needing some updating, so the chance came to get most of it funded by the German government. Some folk had a dream of an international speedskating academy as part of the building of the new rink, too. Here's more background...



Here's a promo video that shows Anni Friesinger winning in her home region while the rink was still an outdoor venue (around 2:00), and check out the studs on the motorbike tires just after the skating...



And here's some (a bit skaky but the best I could find) video to see the arena indoors a bit, taken while Håvard Bøkko was skating on the ice with Shani Davis in the 1500m video from the new arena...they took the gold and silver...



Finally, if you're interested in the building of the arena and the weather in Inzell perhaps, see these time lapse videos of the construction of the new stadium...



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I enjoyed the Kramer video, thanks. Made me get up and get moving, and put some muscles through pain. 

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Happy to Cause Good Pain

Glad I could pass along something to inspire anyone to get moving to the good, healthy kind of pain available through exercise. The Sven Kramer video is a nice documentation of how things were at the outdoor track, too. I'm sure the indoor facility will be better in most ways, but I wish they'd built it near the original, not over it. I hope it does bring new economic life to their community.

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