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Joey Cheek USA Today and Two Audio Snips

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Here are a few new links for Joey Cheek. The USA Today article is some of the same stuff as before, but also mentions his choice to go to Princeton. He also talks about his crazy celebrity and the situations he's in because he was first in the Olympics in a race. Notably he mentions George Clooney and the Dafur rally in DC. The link is here...


Next are two audio pieces from KCPW, and if you listen to them, I think it best to listen to the short piece first...


This first one rehashes of course, to bring people up to speed with the story. It's still worth a listen I think.

Of special interest I think, for what it says about some of the background story of his training, his parents' devotion to his training, some of the details of his path from NC to 2 olympics, and more. It's a bit long perhaps, but as an address to a bunch of lawmakers and pols it's a nice one. He's not afraid to say he did well at some things, and I enjoyed how happy he was reading the transcript of his press conference after winning gold. I think it's definitely worth the time to hear this one...


If i get time I'll come back and make some updates to my comments. I hope you enjoy this!


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