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Local Skater Jack Still Inline Skating on YouTube plus Flying, Photoing, Videoing and Evian Babies Roller Skating

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I haven't seen our buddy Jack in awhile (hope to soon!) so I was thrilled to see him skating in a local park...on YouTube. He seems to have gotten a new camera/videocam lately and has been posting lots of demo shots of zooms and time lapses and effects to show us why we should be jealous of his hardware! Also he has some RC flying gear and some videos of flights. But my fave as one who has skated with him is just to see him skate in this tripod vid of some skating in a parking lot.

I've been meaning to do some skateyvids but never do get around to it. Well I take the video, but really have not found a very good editing setup for the newer Sony Cybershot video formats. Maybe I should/will try again, ha. Meanwhile, I say, "Go Jack!" Meanwhile, check out the hugely popular (55 million views) Evian Skater Babes (I mean Babies)...


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Nice, Jack!

Still making it all look ridiculously easy, I see :-D. 

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Super Smooth Strong Skater

Yep. Jack just seems very fluid and easy, but he's obviously very strong. He takes long flowing glide strides and gets lots out of every stroke. Power much to weight little! 

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Was wondering..

..what (who) was driving those consistent views of that vid :-) Thanks for the kind words Blake & Eliz, glad to see you guys and others keeping the SkateySpirit alive! Mine has been sporadic, but enthusiastic when I do finally get out, usually at Northeast or Springwood Park. Northeast is a great 1.57 mile loop, open to traffic, though very low usually. Any case, be careful and enjoy!

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Let's Get Some Skating Done

Hey Jack. Great to hear from you. I hope to come check out your parks some time and skate with you if slow is OK. I am still getting cranked up for the season, and am trying to decide among some skate equipment options too. Arrgh! More on this later perhaps, as I often say. We are still usually going for Tuesday night skates at Country Park. We usually take Tuesday for our slow skate and go at the speed of the slowest there that night. We'd love to hear from you and better yet, to see you. Not sure if I will roll tomorrow as my feet are aching from 62 miles in 2 days, some of it on scored concrete on the Silver Comet Trail out west of mile 13. 

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