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local skating groups, when and where???

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I have looked over http://roadskater.net more than a few times over the years, and every time its really hard to understand everything going on, because its so busy. Other skaters have told me the same thing. Maybe some could explain how to use the site to find what I'm looking for. So here is the question. Are there any local groups that skate in the Greensboro or surrounding area? I can't seem to find a calender of when or where anything is taking place.



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hey junior thanks for joining and sharing your thoughts

Hey Junior. Yes it's a busy site. At the same time there are some things missing. 

First off, our group is not just Greensboro based, but we do have a few from the area who skate together. 

During daylight saving time hours, we are often found at Country Park in Greensboro on Tuesdays about 6pm. We don't have enough people to always commit to having the time covered, but if you join us and bring a friend, maybe we can make some regular skate times for the park and some other places too. 

We also roadskate at local charity bike rides where they know us and welcome us. We often do the MS Society Tour to Tanglewood training rides, and we also do the Tour to Tanglewood (since 1999), Athens to Atlanta (since 1999) and our own Roadskater.net Carolina Century (since 2008). 

eebee and I just did the Tour de Kale 37-miler last weekend in Denton. Hopefully we'll have reports on that soon. It is a great event. 

We have a way to post events, but we'd need people to help us enter those. We don't list repeating weekly events as there has not been a request for that yet. I didn't want to fill up a calendar with things that might change or end without others involved in keeping it up to date. 

As for single events, it's relatively easy to add something to the calendar using http://roadskater.net/node/add/event

As for finding things, here's what I do...as of this date's site design...

  • I use the site's own search box at the top right to search for items on the site.
  • I use the Google search in the grey box for internal (left) and external (right) searches.
  • I look on the left column for recent posts and comments, also for popular all time content.
  • I look on the right column for recent external news in skating, cycling and related news.
  • I look at the terms on the bottom of the site to click on tags sorted by frequency of use on the site to see articles tagged with that term.
  • I use the green bar across the top to look at the old photos site (over 30,000 photos), events, plus various views of new and popular internal and external content. 
There's a lot to improve here, certainly, and thanks for giving your thoughts. We love roadskating and want to encourage others to enjoy inline and quad (and ice) skating in parking lots, parks, rinks and eventually on the road safely if they choose to after getting their skills up to a safe level. 
What could you do, I hope I hear you ask? Simply contribute relevant content in the form of posts, comments and events. We're about roadskating, but not all about it. Certainly other forms of skating, plus cycling and other exercies, are all welcome topics. We often go off-topic as well, as you can tell, because we've met a lot of skaters who are interested in many of the same external topics we are interested in. We do try to avoid topics best avoided at Thanksgiving dinner are best avoided here too, I guess. But as we say in the tagline...skating, cycling, charity, photography, music, performance, entertainment, travel, products, life! At least those! Join in. Welcome. Thanks for dropping by. 
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Hey Junior! Still there?

I built a platform and it's free to use. I put in as much time and effort as I am able and want to. When nobody thanks me for certain things, I sometimes quit doing them. When I need to make money, sometimes I do something else. 

Try these too...

Again, thanks for letting us know how you feel. There is so much I could do better, and yes it's hard to hear when people don't like your baby too much! But it doesn't mean you're wrong.
Thanks even more if you decide to pitch in and contribute some content to this free platform...events or otherwise, skating, cycling, charity, life.

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