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Measuring jerseys

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Related to current jersey issues, I got some jerseys from the closet and found a tape measure and checked some dimensions. It's a bit iffy measuring the Roadskater jerseys because of the double seams on each size (but that's part of what makes them supersweet, right?) but I did my best. Blake thought this information might perhaps be useful to someone some day.

Green 2006 jersey size XL: about 24" across chest just below sleeves

Iris/violet 2007 jersey size XL: about 24"

Orange 2008 jersey size XL: almost 25"

2007 Tour to Tanglewood jersey (blue/yellow flag-of-Sweden colors) size L: just under 23"


(1) Despite appearing in my avatar photo wearing a blue 2005 jersey, I don't own one of those. Blake made me wear his for that picture. :-)

(2) I originally got a size XL Tour to Tanglewood jersey but exchanged it for one a size down because it was too baggy on me.

(3) I love the fit of the green and violet XL RSN jerseys. I don't love the noticeably bigger orange one but I can live with it, This time around I'll be following the current recommendations and getting size L.

(4) The manufacturer's website says that classic fit jerseys in size XL are 46"-48" around the chest, if I'm reading that table correctly. Last year's jerseys were noticeably larger than that. '06 and '07 were near the upper end of that range.

(5) I understand that jerseys are sewn by hand, by workers who are quite skilled and experienced but who are also trying to make a living and so working fairly quickly. So there might be some variation in finished size from piece to piece. I also understand that the average buyer is more likely to complain if an item is slightly on the small side than on the large side, among other things because there's a tendency to buy the size that we think we should be able to wear and not the (ahem, larger) size that we really should wear.



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Measuring is tricky yes, but better than nothing

That's funny I did measurements this week too.

We talked about how it's good to measure a jersey you love then ask the mf'er to measure theirs that way too. That's if you can get the mf'er's salesperson to care enough to go get a jersey in a particular size, then you trust them to measure the chest at the armpits. But even bad measurements will come closer than wild guesses most of the time.

That's where I've come to have my opinions and where I changed my saying "if on the border go UP a size" to "if on the border go DOWN a size." I think the sunlit leaves and deep violet are smaller by an inch in the SHORTsleeve and half an inch in the sleeveLESS. The original sky and most recent tangerine are about the same size I think. My figures differed from yours by an inch, which might be from how much we stretched the fabric, whether we measured it on a horizontal surface or hanging, and other factors. I think the arm holes may be a bit roomier on the tangerine too, but last year's sleeveLESS were remade based on our complaints so this is likely not relevant or at least accurate, so I'll leave that out of the measurements. I got these figures for the chest just below the sleeves on a flat (but soft, unfortunately) surface, avoiding stretching the fabric...

sleeveLESS 23.5 
Sunlit Leaves
sleeveLESS 23
Deep Violet sleeveLESS 23
Sky sleeveLESS 23.5
Sunlit Leaves
SHORTsleeve 23
Deep Violet
SHORTsleeve 23
Sky SHORTsleeve 24

I don't trust the mf'er's size chart yet, so until I do we'll go with what we've used before and just change the borderline cases from choose down to choose up, to repeat it again.

As far off as the measurements are, we both come to the same conclusion about the Tangerine being larger than the previous two years, and I learned what I've felt some days in my stomach...that the sky jersey was just a bit more forgiving. Now how this relates to the future, I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to say I think jersey creep is on...to save our pride if nothing else.

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