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memories of us cup stage four bensalem pennsylvania (pa) 2001

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After some talk today on InlineNC, I decided to look through photos of a fun, cold, miserable, happy day in Pennsylvania, documented in photos on roadskater.net classic, with links from there. Perhaps later I'll come back and insert the photos...Blake

i wonder if the event for which i "won" a huge trophy in bensalem, pa, the us cup stage four, was a usars event...


i went to hang out with dan, jenny, barrie, gloria, ben, valerie, and others. dan won a trophy just like mine, though he had won the 20k or 42k i think, in pro masters. i'm in my hardboot roces! ha! rec skates with 5s!


here's dan...crossed over but taking it fairly easy in the first...



i didn't even know there was a second race for my group! suddenly i saw all the same guys lined up again, so i took photos instead i guess. ha. so i didn't get but one medal, giving the other back. as i turned to leave, they said, "hold on, you won the overall." ha! too funny. there was no one else in my age group stupid enough to skate in cold rain and pay for the chance!

dan burger, the wonderful man that he is, mentioned at lunch that if we had the same trophy, we'd sign them and swap. we did. what a great guy to do that as if they were of equal import.

julie glass was there...what a group start!


can't recall the other verducci skater's name in this...


and chad was there...



i think max presti was there and this might be him and maybe whitman...


i think there are other better pics of max on that page, if it is he as i believe it is.

i loved meeting these kids! we had a blast setting up this shot. too great what they did.


not sure who these other guys are getting awards...


but here's two with dan...



if this was usars i may have dq'd mysef from being junior olympic in future? too bad! of course i've done us10k slowly many times too so i may never get to be junior olympic even if i ever get good enough to do some regional lapfest!

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