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Minutes of CIC FIRS Meeting Show Efforts for Olympics, World Games

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Minutes from last September's CIC Meeting show the efforts made by FIRS (International Roller Sports Federation) to get roller (inline) speed skating into the Olympic program. It is clear the CIC and FIRS representatives felt angry and perhaps misled about the opportunity...

I cannot hide you my feeling of bitterness and frustration coming back from Singapore.

I had the impression that the IOC Session was more a meeting of business men than a meeting of sportsmen.

Well, no surprises there. But sadness yes indeed for our sport has proliferated widely especially in other economically powerful nations, as well as the less so.

The 107 attending Members, after having excluded Baseball and Softball from the Olympic Program that did not obtain 50% of votes, they voted for the admission of 2 out of 5 selected sports.

Unfortunately, neither roller speed skating nor the other 4 sports attained the majority required by the IOC of 75% of voting members.

Officials representing the new potential sports, roller speed skating, rugby, golf, karate and squash, were not allowed to make a presentation or show video, it seems. A later paragraph seems to indicate that a change is underway that would make it easier for roller speed skating to become an Olympic Sport and demonstrate its viability to the IOC. But I may have misread that.

Next, the discussion turned to the World Games, and I note it sounds a bit like Mr. Sunnyskies and Mr. Happyman were involved:

The Director of the IOC Sports Program, Mr. Kelly Fairweather, attended with IWGA President, Mr. Ron Froehlich, some roller sports competitions. Both were satisfied. Elimination speed races, notwithstanding the rain, were marvellous and the appreciation of these two sports authorities will assure us their support.

But some federations didn't show and that's not good for the sport. It sounds like we need 80 countries participating and showing up to compete.

It was good to hear that some of the funds from the host city helped some skaters afford their expensive trips:

Thanks also to the financial support of Anyang City we offered free board and lodging to several skaters from developing countries, as well as the reimbursement of 50% of their airfare.  

Cali, Colombia is next in 2007, followed by Gijón, Spain. Let's go!

Thanks to the website of DANMARKS RULLESKØJTE UNION for posting the minutes here for us to read.

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