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Modular vert or street, almost half a million dollars

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I'm not into skoarding, or I'd call it skating, but I can't stand to do that, so skoarding it is! Here's another article on skate parks, this one a bit more focused on inline skating. I know they have to satisfy different "customers," no doubt. But it looks like half a million can be spent almost without really talking to the kids.

Now in this particular case I don't know the details, but from watching TV you can see that there's "vert" inline in the half-pipe, and there's "street" inline on rails and ramps, and if you want kids to forsake the steps, rails and benches of downtown, street is the closest. Anyway, how cool is it that you can get half a mill if you just upset the right people with money and fear you'll scare their customers off? maybe i should wear a tight bike jersey (ok tighter than usual even) and scare people off with my belly? maybe then they'd say oh here's half a million for that railtrail.

I like the 15yo saying they reached a "compromise" with the engineer, and that they "found a design that wasn't quite modular, but wasn't quite concrete, but it's good enough....If we had just left it to the town, they would have just thrown something together that ... would fall apart pretty fast." I think a lot of towns have done exactly that.

Meanwhile how cool is it that Country Park in Greensboro got rid of some boring weeds and build some red-mud mounds for bike triksters to play on! I like the doggie bark park too, except I notice we have to skate around some poo sometimes on the part from the lower lot to the bark park entrance! We should teach them there's a neat trial between the ponds up to the barky parky.

Meanwhile, all roadskaters want is to be equal to a bike on the road, which has the right to be equal to an SUV (but not in a collision, of course, or at the gas pump). Ahh. We continue to dream.


New hitch for Rutherford skate park
NorthJersey.com, NJ - 2 hours ago
... Although the borough has secured more than $400,000 in grants for the project, which would consist of the park and an inline skating rink at Wall Field, a lack ...

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