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my first blog, and my first post

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[northinsouth has started a new blog and this is the address, plus he pasted the text to share it here too. --roadskater] http://fattrinewbi.blogspot.com/2010/02/first-posting-from-fat-tri-newbie.html is the First posting from Fat Tri Newbie.

Well this will be my first posting. I have always talked about doing a triathlon, and my wife finally got sick of me talking about it and signed me up for a few. I have already done the Issac Dickenson Hot Chocolate 10k in Asheville. Ok not a tri, but it was a start. I did ok. My time was just a few seconds over an hour. Next is the High Point half marathon. Haven't officially signed up for it because I have been very lazy the last few weeks and am wondering if I can get enough training in to do it. I think I can, I think I can....blah. Oh well, then after that is the Hagan Stone try a tri. not sure on the distances but this will be the first official Triathlon. Not too far away, just south of Greensboro. Then after that will be the big daddy for me. The Philadelphia Olympic distance Triathlon. This is a 1.5 km swim, 40km bike and 10km run. I am not sure I will be ready for this. Bike and run...fine. Its the swim that scares the bejeebies out of me. I haven't done a lot of swimming and don't really have a good place to do it. I have a membership at the Rush, but thats such a piddly pool. I think when the weather gets warmer I am going to swim in the lakes by the house. They say no swimming, but who is going to say anything at 5am? I won't, will you?


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Awesome northinsouth and congrats on new ventures

Yo, northinsouth, that's sort of your second blog, since you have one here as long as you like, but yes, it's also your first blog in a very real sense.

It's a great story how msnorthinsouth signed you up to shut you up! Start talking about A2A right away every day!

You've done incredible things skatey at T2T and Carolina Century on very limited training, so I know you can do very well at the tri pursuits. Keep us posted as you like, and thanks for linking to your site here as well and for sharing some text.

It looks like the weather will be warming slightly this coming week. That should help us all physically and mentally!

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It's helpful to me (and probably others) to read about your endeavors, Northinsouth. So I'm glad you're posting about them. It has been hard for me to get moving this year since it has been so cold and/or snowy in the Southeast.

The Winter Olympics make me want to jump up and do crazy things too. Very energizing.

There is indeed nothing like setting an event goal to get you motivated.

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We Want More Triathlon Updates

Hey northinsouth. I checked your blog for more info and don't see an update. I have yet to get my signup method worked out to post there, but don't take that to mean nobody's looking in! I haven't posted anything of late either, so I understand, but just want you to know we're interested in how it's going, so let us know there, here or both! It's exciting that you're keeping things interesting by doing multiple disciplines. I do the same, but it's a biathlon: skating and eating.

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