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My Money is On Red: Guessing the Roadskater.net 2011 Skate and Bike Jersey Mystery Colors

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At Saturday's TTT training rest stop the roadskater.net mystery color jersey was the hot topic at Rest Stop 1. One of our teammates -- I will keep her identity a mystery -- went through the full spectrum of colors and said with confidence that it would be red this year. I let her know that if roadskater finds out she knows that the color will change. "It's already gone to press, it can't change," another said. We who buy the jerseys year after year and try all means of trickery to get roadskater or eebee to slip up and tell know that this is not the case. In fact, if you guess too hard and are close to the new color, it is my understanding that roadskater indeed has the power to change the color. My money was on a gray/black combo this year becauase that would go nicely with my new black, gray and pink bike (hint hint for future years). I do know this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE every roadskater.net jersey that I own. And after this year, I will have them all. I missed the green jersey one year but I'm getting both the mystery jersey and the one color missing from my jersey palette in time for the TTT. Thank you roadskater for continuing to make these beautiful and road-worthy garments. I don't ride in anything else. Besides pants of course!

In other diet news, I'm feeling better today. But no outdoor workout for me. Gym only. And I plan to attend the Greensboro Velo Club meeting tonight.

Hope to see you there!


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It'd be no use

You could pull all my fingernails out one by one and I still wouldn't be able to tell you, because I don't have any more clue than anybody else. I have no idea at all. And not only that, I'm not even curious! I don't know why. Probably because color-coordination means nothing to me.


However, you might be doing me a favour if you extract my toenails...

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Jerseys Not Gone to Press, Proofs Not Signed, Many Colors Left

Ha! I heard there was talk at a rest stop about the mystery jersey color for 2011. That's fun! Red is certainly the most obvious guess. Good guess! 

Well if you look at the distribution of colors we often name in the rainbow, red would be one obvious choice, as we've done a version of orange (juicy tangerine), yellow (sunflower), green (sunlit leaves), blue (periwinkle sky) and violet (true violet, indeed, spot on violet). Red is an obvious leave-out (along with indigo), and it has its "problems" when mixed with white, depending on your brain's color-gender ideas...it pinks out rather quickly. All the previous jerseys have been mixed with white in a particular way, so to use red, there'd be pink in there, or roadskater would have to break or alter the chain of consistency, or reinterpret it, to make any kind of red work. Or he might go dark red with it, hmm, and make it get darker rather than lighter, which would of course make it less bright. 

Another way at going at it is to look at recent years, where the addition of primary printing color, magenta (hot magenta) came in, and was followed by primary color yellow. That would lead me to think cyan is a candidate for 2011. Is cyan too close to periwinkle sky? Maybe or maybe not, but we might find out, but side by side I'd say they are distinguishable as separate but beautiful colors. 

Then there's CMYK's other component, the last one, Black (represented by K). The jerseys already have black in the sweat spots, to avoid discoloration stains that can make a jersey go unused forever. The logo is black too, because a stain around a logo never looks all that bad, but a stain through a logo kind of makes the logo look sad and defiled. 

To do black without it being too hot, there would need to be some large areas of grey or white. Or it could be a near-white jersey with shades of a particular kind of gray (grey) along one of the Pantone color matching strips, which are usually lightened by white or darkened with black along a strip. You wouldn't want the jersey to match the road, so much, so it would need to be very dark with bright colors blended in, like, say cyan, magenta or yellow, or all, or the blends, RGB (red, green, blue), or all of those in a kaleidoscope of happy jersey confusion, backlighting a black logo. 

Then there are other colors we less often name like plum, salmon, moss, mocha, teal, teal blue, teal green, bubblegum (if roadskater went for powder pink he'd go all in), royal blue, puce, burnt sienna, aquamarine, khaki, seafoam, forest, kelly, goldenrod, slate blue, slate gray (grey), olive, olive drab, tomato, orange-red, maroon, charcoal, and so on. Basically any color halfway between colors used, or significantly darker versions near colors we've used, as a base hue to lighten. Any color that's far enough away to look like a different color than before, unless roadskater were to reuse a color from before, either alone or as a multi-hue blend. 

The other factor is that while orders are in and roadskater has made up many homemade proof mockups and even looked at some proofs, not all proofs are even finished, and the colors have not permeated fabric yet either. Roadskater has changed colors at the last minute before, after the makers printed a sample and realized it did not come close to matching the desired look. 

So red is a very good guess. We'll see if roadskater is so predictable. Wonder if we'll be pretty in pink-red like valentine's candy rolling down the highway? Yum! I HEART U! Skateyhearts. We could carry bows and arrows, or some could carry beaus. It's a lot to think about. 

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We wants it, we needs it...

... we must have the precious jersey colorses!

Admittedly, I was reading your post in a Gollum voice by the time I got to the end :-)

I love all my heretofore-ordered jersey colors! Thank you for all the effort you spend on the project. 

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