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Naked Rollerblader Wanted: Plus Things to Consider Before Nude Inline Skating

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In an article from the sidebar, I though wow, somebody wants to hire a nude inline skater! It read, "Naked Rollerblader Wanted." 

Well, not exactly! 

It turns out a nice fellow was out inlinestreaking or buffblading or rawrolling in good old friendly Barrie, Ontario recently. He was clearly enjoying being rollerbuff. Some people pick on skaters for wearing Lycra, so maybe he was trying to accommodate their wishes but not wearing anything! Why bother with wicking fabric, after all? 

I don't know if he found his thrill or his pain, but he was on Blueberry Lane.

It's nice how officers "attended" this event after it was over. Seems like non-citizens may have been shunned by the nudewheeler.

Interestingly, other things may or may not be legally done in the nude, but Police in Barrie want you to know that "it is a criminal offence to rollerblade naked." Everywhere? Alone? How about cycling, walking, running? Another civil liberty bites the dust, ha. 


As for me, I have no interest in nude skating because of the high cost of falling. It's bad enough to rip a jersey or put a serious scuff on some Lycra shorts. It just seems too risky to me and not at all "freeing." More than anything else, this is not the way I'd choose to be embarrassed. 


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Team Roadflash!

Well what else is there to say? I'd attempt a joke here but I think you cracked 'em all...

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