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Neat techie stuff in Race Engine Technology sample pdfs

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Going way off-topic here but I think there are at least a couple of fellow motorheads out there in Roadskaterland, and perhaps some of this technology might find an application in other fields of interest...

While I often find Racecar Engineering on the local magazine shelves and a stray copy of Race Tech might turn up every now and then, I can't recall ever seeing a physical example of Race Engine Technology. But it's edited by Ian Bamsey, founding editor of Racecar Engineering and author of such legendary books as McLaren-Honda Turbo: A Technical Appraisal and The 1000 BHP Grand Prix Cars and so I'm interested if only for that reason.

Browsing through the back issues, there are some nicely informative sample articles available as free downloads. These alone are definitely worth checking out:

Issue 038: Valve Springs

Issue 039: Surface Treatments

Issue 040: Connecting Rods

Issue 041: Fasteners

Issue 042: Blocks and Heads

Issue 043: Pistons

Issue 044: Seals

Issue 045: Injection

Issue 046: Bearings

Issue 047: Coatings

Issue 048: Camshafts

I especially like the ones about detailed technologies such as seals and bearings and surface coatings. Obviously these aren't in-depth engineering analyses, but they do seem to be good up-to-date surveys with references and contact information that could help with further investigations of these areas.

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