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new frames

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I just put on my new frames that i bought off ebay.  I purchased those 100x3+84 Salomon's.  I bought some cheapie wheels online somewheres.  I skated around my neighborhood with them and am quite pleased.  The 84 rubbed a bit, but once i got on them they flattened out.  Thats what happens when you dint train at all....you flatten your wheels.  I am even happy with the wheels.  I was braking quite alot and there is no visible wear on them.  They are the red clear Kryptonics.  I was kind of scared that they were going to be heavy old scooter wheels, but they are pretty good.



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The move to 3 x 100 + 84 mm frames

Quite the weekend and Monday. Tom showed up with his new 3x100+84 kit Saturday and there I was with RAIN BEARINGS and 5x84 (- some) FLATTISH wheels. He was going to hang with me but after the long slow descent from the appropriately named HIGH POINT he could take it no more. He was flying away without trying. So thanks to Craig and Tom I got on the phone Saturday with Elizabeth right after the T2T skride and finally got her to bid on some of those frames. So please don't bid on them Tue Aug 29 2006, ha! Wait for the next go 'round. Anyway, I had planned to get back on my 3x100+84 a week or two before T2T so tonight was the time to get into that. I'll put that story elsewhere, as I need some help! Congrats, Tom and Craig. Now it's time for me to buy some wheels. Tom did you have any special brand of bearings? Skateylove y'all. Blake

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Different on the 3x100, 1x84?



What were you on before? I forgot. Were you still back in the dark ages like me, on 5 x 80's? If so, or even if you were on all 84's, did you feel much difference in skating (even if it was only around your neighborhood)? I'm a little apprehensive about the 'it's harder to get up to speed' part (than 5x80s), not having much in the way of fast twitch muscles.

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up to speed

I really didn't notice any kind of problem getting up to speed.  I was on the 5X80 before this upgrade.  I haven't been skating all that much to compare, but I think the new set up seems faster.  Not sure if that helps any.  If anything it is fun just to try something different.


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Very Happy with my 100x3+84 Frames

Just a little feedback here on how my new Salomon S-Lab 3x100mm + 1x84mm frames are working out. I was apprehensive at first, having heard from others the perception of it being harder to get up to speed, or harder to climb a hill, on 100mm's as opposed to 5x84s or 90s.


I have had no such difficulty in the 2 weeks I have been skating on this new frame. The first time I went out, I skated 37 miles with people I consider to be fast skaters - even though they'd done 2 hard skates the 2 preceding days and were just doing a 'recovery' skate :-). I am happy to report that although I perceived myself to be rolling faster on downhills and therefore not needing to be constantly 'swimming' (as Blake puts it) behind them on 80mm's to keep up and not lose the pack, I did not feel any lack of control with the speed increase, and neither did I get any new speed wobbles. I didn't even notice I was going faster - just that I wasn't losing the people in front of me! This was even with some brand new, gummy ILQ-9 bearings in (Eddy Workshop Freebie Specials!).


Fear of taking longer 'to get up to speed' turned out to be a non-issue for me. I found that all I needed to do to get a little acceleration was to bend my legs more deeply and push a little harder a stroke or two and that was enough for me to catch up if I was lagging behind. I didn't need to try choppy, sprinty type motions. Granted, it's not like I was jumping off the line at some race.


I might add that I never did feel particularly elegant or swift on 5x80mm's whilst hill-climbing, and fast-twitch muscles don't reside in my legs unfortunately. Therefore I have not noticed any deterioration in my hill-climbing or accelerations, because there wasn't much to deteriorate in the first place!


I might also add that my switch to the bigger wheels has coincided with a 14 lb weight loss over about 3 mths, which is enough to give someone a perceived power-boost.


I commented to Dave during the beautiful Apex skate, that I felt like I was Frankensteining it a bit, and having difficulty setting down and riding the outside edge of my big new wheels, as I had been able to do on my little 80's. I think I need to move the frame around and see what works better. And somewhere around mile 35 on the Saturday of Tour to Tanglewood, I felt inner ankle bone pain rearing its ugly head again. I think it's directly related to frame placement. Oh and skating abnormally long distances on speed boots :-)

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