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A New Roadskater.net

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Welcome to Roadskater.net, "the skating, cycling and charity magazine you can create!" Please click stuff! See what happens! Check out http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=start-here-how-to-use-roadskater-net. Read all you like, but to contribute, we ask you to join first to help foil junkbots. And don't worry, the 15,000+ photos and movies from http://roadskater.net/index.htm are still there waiting. Skateylove Yes! Blake


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Kudos to Blake..


Just wanted to compliment and thank-you for taking the time and effort to put together this great site. It's flexiblity and openness make it a pleasure to use, while serving as a wonderful venue to express ourselves in regards to the sport we all love. And love it we must, who else would wear these painful, smelly boots, for pete's sake . But, oh the joy, these same boots can bring to the psyche's and body's of those who choose to indulge!

Looking back, it always amazes me to think about being able to barely stand in my Rollerblade Lightnings, and now, being able to barely stand in my Miller's.., but it's been a fun skglide the whole way.

Let's keep sharing the news,


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News Duplicates After Update

The news section will have duplicates until I hack the code again after an upgrade to the section that handles all of that. I still don't like some of how it worked even after my hack, but it was a bit better. I may see if I can find some sources that offer the same news in a more compatible format, generating less duplicates as well. Dupes are because the same feed item often has a different URL because of how the provider tracks their traffic. I'll keep working on it. Blake

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