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Nice socks or A fix for skate blisters

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I found these socks and since we are all looking for ways to skip the blisters, thought I'd share.  They are made by WrightSock and are called their Double Layer sock.  I found them at REI, they run about $10-$14 a pair and they are a double layer of a super thin fabric.  Kind of like wearing two socks at once, but with out the thickness.  They are super thin.  I just got my first chance to skate in them, went out for about 35 min.  I'm undecided about how I feel about them.  It took me so long to get my skates heat molded perfectly with a sock I like, I'm not sure if its worth it to change socks.  I was using a smart wool sock made for biking, and really liked it but it is much thicker than these socks.  While wearing these socks, my foot felt loose in my boot, not snug enough.  I'm not sure that I will go through the heat molding again, when I have my skate so comfortable right now.  But there may be somebody out there who could use these socks.  Hope it helps.

Thank God spring is here.  It felt soooooo good to be back on 8 wheels again.



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More Double Layer Sock Options for Inline Skaters

Thanks for this technical info and personal experience. Please let us know how it goes.

This is really useful, practical stuff that helps people who read the site but never log in or post. Anything we can do to help people get road skating is awesome.I used to use two pair of thin socks when I had Rollerblade brand, Ultrawheels, K2, Roces or my first pair of skates from Target. I've also used them in my speed boots along the way, but mostly only when I didn't have the boot molded properly or maybe when I was toe flicking even more than I perhaps do now.For beginners, one piece of advice is to push with your heel. This keeps the power transfer more direct from your leg, takes it easier on your ankle, and reduces how much your foot might rub up and down inside the boot. Racers will still toe-flick sometimes, as will most everyone, but for the long distance most of the time, heel pushing is the way to go.

As for sockage, what I used to wear were those really thin, stretchy, white "dress" socks that were pretty high. They were nylon or polypropylene, so they didn't soak up the sweat. I wore two layers and this helped with blisters a ton. You could also try just wearing the really thin ones against the skin, and a more cushy one on top of that. Were I having blisters that's what I'd do.

I'm wearing a thick sock these days because of imperfections in the inside of my boot that I don't seem to be able to fix without feeling the fix. Long story, but after a lot of skating with bolt ends or the gap for the bolt underfoot, I like the cushier sock and think that for long distances (not indoor sprints perhaps) this has advantages...you know, in the 30 to 100 mile event range.

I do avoid cotton in skate socks and try to get polypropylene or nylon with some lycra when I can. The Wal-Mart Starter brand (now owned by Nike I think) has various great socks available inexpensively. But be careful of the names on there that make it sound perfect...look at the content of the fabric, the weave, the thickness...ignore the coolthis or coolthat logo and look for what won't keep your feet soaking in a bath of hot sweat for hours any more than is necessary...unless you love blisters!

I should repeat the old often told story that in the Army, at least in the old days, guys would wear women's anklet hose underneath their standard issue socks for the same blister protection. Could be true; might not be. But it's a funny thought mixing all that tough marching with the image of the secret hosiery. Are you wearing black ankle hosiery? Dude! Don't ask, don't tell!

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Blister prevention

Thanks for the sock tip.  It's definitely worth looking into and perhaps have this brand on hand along with a couple other options.  Road conditions, distance, temperature, etc seem to change blister prevention methods and rituals.  I've had luck with medical tape in just the right 'touchy' places, then add the EZ-Fit booties (thinnest version they make), then add a moisture wicking crew sock as the final layer.  This seems to work well.

If the conditions call for more protection then I'll place a 2"x2" padded bandage on my heels (+ keep a couple spares onboard).

It's good to know this REI sock exists and will certainly check it out.

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