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Nice Write-up: 18th Annual Napa Valley Inline Marathon

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Happened to catch this post-event report in the RSN sidebar:

The road was closed for the 18th annual Napa Valley Inline Marathon and Half Marathon so skaters, some Bay Area locals and visitors from France, Germany, Australia and other countries, could have free reign of the course.

“These people live for these types of events, where you get a closed, smooth road and you can skate distances, not just like in a roller rink where you go in circles,” said organizer David Miles, 55, of San Francisco.

The event began as an informal marathon for local skaters and ran up Silverado Trail from Trancas Street into Calistoga, Miles said. The marathon, sponsored by the California Outdoor Rollersports Association, is the only inline skating marathon in the western United States.

Good to see such an inline-only event thriving, or even surviving on a modest scale, and getting some good pub too.


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Good to see "Inline Skaters", instead of Rollerbladers. I wonder if the Godfather of Skate had something to do with that too! One of these days I'm going to call him Miles Davis instead of David Miles.

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