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Northinsouth Birthday Festivities Unclear But Good Wishes Certain

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I wanted to post a birthday greeting to Northinsouth to say thanks for so many years of roadskating and dreaming we could do more than laps in our beloved Country Park and along the trail up to Bur-Mil. We set our sights on Tour to Tanglewood and Athens to Atlanta when we knew so little about what we were heading for. Some skaters even told us (thank you guys!) we shouldn't do Tour to Tanglewood, but let them do it instead because "you want people to do it who know they can finish." Well, we invited them to come along, but I don't think they felt they could do the fundraising, and that's kind of the main point. Fortunately, through dropped wheels and cramps where we never felt them before, we did OK and we did finish.

The first A2A we did was 1999, which was about the worst weather I can recall for A2A. We made it in to see lots of speedskaters with hamburger feet. We were zapped but our feet were not bleeding, so we took that as a victory. A couple of years later we finished faster than we thought we could, and it was easier. Funny how that works, when you can do it.

Northinsouth's always put up with and even encouraged ideas that would end up being work for him, and he's provided floorspace, meeting space, truck and trailer space, and lot more we've needed for the Eddy Matzger workshop, and more recently has done lots of not very fun work putting up with me doing things for the Carolina Century. Northinsouth also painted the whole Tour to Tanglewood route one or two (or more) years, and at least one year, I believe he painted all the routes by himself. I can't fathom that!

So here's a big thanks to Northinsouth, who I have often left out of the posters and post cards thinking he might prefer that, but if so, well I am messing that up here and now. I'm not sure if we can work out a time or if Northinsouth can put up with us, but maybe we can get together to eat in his honor this weekend. Keep an eye on it here and on InlineNC and contact me if you're interested.

Meanwhile, Northinsouth, thanks for going along so many times to training rides, Philly, Atlanta, T2T, A2A and more. I doubt I would have done as much skating in many of those years without you being able to come along. Here's hoping for lots more roadskating. And thanks for so many thing you do for lots of people in such a way you don't really end up getting much credit. But people notice, and think a lot more of that kind of work than people who are out front making noise all the time.


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Northinsouth 430pm Sunday

OK. We talked to Northinsouth and let's meet at 430p at Lonestar on High Point Road in Greensboro. 

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