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Official Invitation for Skaters to Join MUSEP GVC rides

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Tonight at the T2T kickoff event, which was very nice in several ways, John H officially invited skaters to join in the GVC MUSEP rides, (so we can call them skrides now, at least amongst ourselves).

I think it's important to be sure we're up to their no-drop speed so we're not last, but after a couple more weeks we may be there, most of us. On the coffee shop ride we were never last even in our hardly trained state, so that was a good thing to find out.

John said they often split the MUSEP ride into two groups, with one being more of a no-drop and the other more of a show and go.

I mentioned our talk of an evening downtown skate and got no takers, but once we decide to do it we may be able to get some support.

Ken S was there but sad to say I was handing out so many little yellow cards about the web site that we didn't get to have a long conversation aside from the team exercises we were doing as part of the ms tour kickoff.

I also met briefly a couple with a 9-year old daughter that has multiple sclerosis. I hope they will contribute some information here and teach us more about MS.

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