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Ok. But Can It Do Crazylegs?

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Revealed earlier this year, Handle the robot, by Boston Dynamics has legs and wheels.  While watching this video over and over I recognized skate mechanics and hints of unicycling.  I wonder if the creators studied those sports. Handle would have no problem with the Art Museum Steps in Philly.  Twirl Girl with one hell of a knee bend angle. 


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Whoa That's a Crazy Robot

Interesting how it kind of skates backwards doing the turns, as it looks to me. I can't decide if the knees are backwards or the arms are.

But when I think of it as a skater doing tricks on one wheel (just the front wheel of an inline skate pair) then it seems about right...if that one wheel could drive itself, as this one does.

Can it carry a wider basket? Can it carry that milk crate down the stairs without spilling stuff (I assume not because it needs to balance itself). Is there a faceplant video? I want to see that!

Yep it's scary good what it can do. Still can't do the shortest Carolina Century distance, but it won't be long!

Also yeah Philly Steps, no problem. I can't do that, or am not going to try. Seems like they mostly only do that one backwards, so maybe there is some inline skate influence from the inventors and builders.

I wonder how much this is controlling itself (I assume all the balance is done by itself). I like when the wheels lock in the snow. When it ignores the ramps, for example, has it been told to ignore changes in the surface and not to try to ride them somehow?


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