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Order Your Favorite Roadskater.net Colors in the Latest Styles: Inline Skating & Cycling Jerseys in OMG Classic and WTF Women's

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UPDATE 2010.11.24:

  • THE 2010 Special Reprint Jersey MADE MINIMUMS AND IS A GO.
  • Orders are OPEN AGAIN and the new Final Final Deadline to order is DECEMBER 3, 2010 AT NOON EST. Delivery does not need to be any later to get this extra time. I just have to get the details to the production staff ahead of the order date.
  • Everyone is welcome to order.



Get Roadskater.net Skating and Cycling Jerseys in the Colors and Styles You Want:

No Mystery.


If you UNLOVE a mystery, for the first time ever you can custom order any previous color scheme of the Roadskater.net jersey in the latest OMG Classic or WTF women's styles, with either short or no sleeves. EVERYONE is welcome to LOVE A ROADSKATER.NET JERSEY. 

Each year, the Roadskater.net magical mystery color jersey project is an adventure. It turns out that getting mostly the same thing every year is not as easy as one would think. In fact, it has turned out to be impossible. But despite changes and challenges, the comfy wicking fabric and the supersweet 19-inch zipper keep us coming back for more. And there are always few good colors left to explore too!

This year everything came together and we had great sewing patterns, great style options, great attention to layout across all sizes, and great results. So for the first time we have the right jersey to do SPECIAL EDITION REPRINTS using this year's jersey, with any year's colors. See the notes below for details!

Everyone is welcome to order a Roadskater.net jersey, and nobody, not even ROADSKATER.NET team members, is required to buy or wear one (but I love it when you do). No pressure. If there's not enough interest, we won't do it this special reprint edition! But this is a cool chance to get this year's layout and fits in colors from the past with a few minor changes to keep it all fresh and unique.


OK I had a lot of shipping options but people were not reading and were ordering them wrong, so I made it simpler. It's the same standard simple delivered price, but I am offering a $3 REBATE off the 2nd and subsequent jersey if you EMAIL ME TO ASK FOR IT. (Allow 6 to 8 minutes for delivery...OK maybe a bit longer). If I end up seeing you before I ship then you may also ask for a refund on shipping, but it is up to you to arrange it when it works for us both. It's awful easy to spend $5 on gas plus lots of time just to keep from shipping, and it is SAFER to ship than have me keep your jersey for weeks and spill something on it in the trunk of my car!

Having said all that, order away! We need to get the paid orders in by the above deadline. If that's not possible for you, a detailed order commitment by email may do the trick, but I need payments from as many as possible and firm commitments to make it happen. As usual it is a bit of a rush, but Carolina Century takes precedence, and life, well life, has its own demands. I also had to get a firm agreement with the mf'er, you know? If we don't make MINIMUMS and the order doesn't happen, you'll get your refund in timely fashion. 

I tried to give some heads up to InlineNC and a few other places, but I've found that most people don't think too much and don't take too long to get the money if they have it and want something, but if I can help bridge the gap let me know. If you KNOW you want some but need a few days or maybe weeks to pay me, I can do that most likely if I knows where to finds ye. But I need ALL the details of your order and the date you can pay me.


Order Your Favorite Roadskater.net Colors in the Latest Styles: Inline Skating & Cycling Jerseys in OMG Classic and WTF Women's (roadskater-net-jersey-banner-color-numbers.jpg)

OMG Sleeves
OMG Size


Order Your Favorite Roadskater.net Colors in the Latest Styles: Inline Skating & Cycling Jerseys in OMG Classic and WTF Women's (roadskater-net-jersey-banner-color-numbers.jpg)

WTF Sleeves
WTF Size


You DO NOT have to be a member of PayPal to use Paypal to pay, and you do not have to be a member of Roadskater.net team or website to buy a jersey. What's good about it is I never know your account information so I can't lose it or trash it on a post-it in a trash can some guy on the street gets hold of so he can become you for awhile. We get the deal done easily and I can pay electronically, plus all the orders go in as they came in so it helps get the orders right in the first place. Roadskater.net is the team for anyone, so you're part of us if you'd like to be, jersey or no jersey!

Pick from 2 jersey pattern styles (see the sizing charts elsewhere on the page and especially the notes on the OMG sizing): 

  • OMG Original Model Gorgeous (classic club fit...not race fit) 
  • WTF Women's Trim Fit (shorter, tighter under the arms, leaner shape)

Decide How Quickly and Where You Want It and CAREFULLY choose Shipping:

  • To ship to more than one address, you will need to make separate orders;
  • Inexpensive USA USPS First Class/Priority and Express options (sorry, no promises about delivery dates, as I count on others to do their part first, and shipping this time of year is unreliable). Let me know if your order feels urgent to you, but I won't be able to do much to speed anything along. Still it's good to know who'd like theirs sooner and who's not in such a hurry. Express is available and I will notice who paid for express and will work on those first of course.
  • Canada/Mexico shipping a bit cheaper than Non-North America shipping.
  • If you have questions, please ask! 
  • I want you to have a great jersey at a great deal!
  • Everything subject to change and correction of course. 

Choose among 6 color schemes:

  • 05 Sky Blue
  • 06 Sunlit Green
  • 07 True Violet
  • 08 Juicy Tangerine
  • 09 Hot Magenta
  • 10 Sunflower Yellow

Select from 2 sleeve styles:

  • NO Sleeve (Sleeveless)
  • SHORT Sleeves


  • OMG sizes pay special ATTENTION to mf'er chart and SEE OUR OMG SIZE NOTES TOO
  • WTF sizing seemed true to the chart for most
  • Check COMMENTS to get even more opinions


Check out the six colors above and the first four editions of the Roadskater.net Classic jersey below...these colors...05 SKY BLUE, 06 SUNLIT GREEN, 07 TRUE VIOLET & 08 JUICY TANGERINE, 09 HOT MAGENTA and 10 SUNFLOWER YELLOW are ALL AVAILABLE

This is the first year I was happy enough with the whole jersey project to offer reprints, and there is no promise this will come up again. It takes happy circumstances and good prices and customer service from a person who knows more--not less--than me, about these jerseys. Order any of our previous Roadskater.net colors in any of our previous styles with any of our favorite layouts and patterns, including this year's supersweet new Women's Trim Fit (WTF) and the Original Model Gorgeous (OMG) Classic Club Jerseys.

2005-2008 Roadskater.net Jerseys


The Special Reprint editions of the Roadskater.net jersey will have minor changes in the small logos perhaps, and it will cost a little more to buy, but I hope you'll be happy to know the colors...and not only that, get the ones you want most! Every year before Tour to Tanglewood, the mystery color project Roadskater.net Jersey sponsors get super pricing since they are risking their money based on their misplaced faith in me! To honor the mystery project and reward the risktaking of the mystery jersey supporters, they'll always get the best price of that year. It seems only fair that the people who make it happen in the first place on faith alone should get the best deal.

Of course, I hope those who don't like surprises will think paying a bit more is great and call it a bargain, the best they ever had. In most retail parlance, this is still heavily discounted. But all that's just crap marketing. The deal is, I think this is a great jersey, and I want you to be able to get one and pick the color and spread some skateylove around the universe! 


OK you should really know the color no problem. I give the mystery jersey buyers a help you sell it offer where if you don't like the jersey and don't wear it and want to sell it, I will help do that. It may take a while but I've never had a jersey that didn't sell, and I've had very few to sell because people seem to like them...and if they don't someone else does who was too skeered to build the mystery. So my offer is not a money-back from me offer, but a money back eventually from someone we find offer...I'll help find someone who'll buy it and then to give you the money or better yet, have them deal with you directly. 


In the early days we had to decide about paying extra for the zipper, and which fabric to use. We definitely wanted the supersweet 19" zipper and we've always been glad. It gives great temperature control and makes it easier to take off the jersey over a helmet or not. We went with a wicking fabric but one that is durable and very comfortable, rather than the thinnest material that tears easily, or the awful hot and itchy stuff many jerseys incorporate. Even when I have had issues with the MF'ER or their minion, the zipper and fabric and the fact these are made in North America have been important factors, even worth a bit more, since we're not doubling prices like most do. The mystery color project is designed to neither lose nor make money over the years. The special edition reprints don't have that constraint, but there won't be much profit and it'll all go to making Roadskater.net and Carolina Century continue the best I can keep them going. 


In general, the 2010 jerseys fit somewhere between the extra roomy 2008 models and the trimmer 2005-2007 ones. I believe it is a bit trimmer than 2009, which was a bit trimmer than 2008. The sleeves (if you get them) are a bit longer than early styles, but this looks good and feels good too. Others opinions may vary, but remember that some of the old jerseys have been washed many times in varying conditions.

The NO sleeve sleeveLESS has been trimmed at least as much as in the 2009's Crape Myrtle HOT MAGENTA edition). The Sky edition was slightly roomy too, I believe, but this could just be my jersies, and due to washing (use cold) or drying (don't do it other than hang drying in my opinion).

The OMG original "road classic" jerseys have sizes about like dri-fit or active-fit jerseys you find at discount and specialty stores but not the Under Armour stuff. Another way of saying it is they are "club fit" (for riders and skaters of the local club proportions) rather than "race fit" (for the greyhounds of cycling and skating who get paid and get free jerseys and bibs and skinsuits anyway). They size about like the Tour to Tanglewood jerseys,  except for the awesome but confusingly sized white with red trim of a few years back, which was race fit, not club fit.

The Original Model Gorgeous Jersey OMG! You Know You Want Some!

This is the classic roadskater roadcyclist jersey in roomy club fit. This is the 2010 design (with modifications in some of the small logos and a few minor other tweaks perhaps) with the much-loved set-in sleeves (made like a dress shirt or a tee with a seam along the shoulder). We very much prefer the set-in sleeves because we think they look and feel better. 

The sleeveless 2010 NO Sleeve shoulder seam length is trimmed shorter like we like it, unlike the 2009 and 2008 cut patterns. Getting these things right were prerequisites for me being willing to produce more. I have to say all styles and sleeves were excellent this year. So if you like a color from the past, you can now get a jersey in the classic fit in both short and no sleeve with fit and layout and cut that I am truly 100% happy with. 

The 2010 Sunflower edition was a big hit for color and fit in all versions. It was back to being as good as 2005-2007 in every way I thought, but bolder with better use of the black & white and spot color and some more direct lines to edge the bold colors with black & white Roadskater.net motifs. Some women chose to try the WTF (SEE BELOW) and every one of them seemed very pleased. The women who stuck with the comfortable classic OMG seemed happy too. I had no returns from anyone in any style, with one person who wanted to trade for size but wanted to trade, not sell, if possible. Being back to set-in sleeves was part of this happiness, I believe, and that makes my life a lot more peaceful because really I want people to love these jerseys! 


Since 2005, we've always used set-in sleeves (seam across the shoulders, T-shirt style), but for several reasons (because the mf'er won't make the set-in ones for us any more) we were basically forced to switch to raglan (seam circling under the arm from the neck) in 2009. Raglan is very popular and some of my favorite Tanglewood jerseys are this style. But we love the crisp fit of set-in sleeves and the way it lets the chest logo stay up high and proud, so we wanted to go back, and this year we got the chance. The 2010 edition is great, so this is another reason I feel good about special edition reprints. Check the differences in the raglan and you'll see that along with poor attention to detail and a case of not caring by the mf'er in 2009, raglan designs force logos downward and inward on the front in exchange for some type on the shoulders, but that means small and wimpy main logos in the larger sizes, and the main logo is more important than shoulder type except for cyclists who are photographed at the finish line of le tour and such. 

As you all know, I make as few changes as possible year to year, so the design will look as much like the current one as possible, except small design elements evolve from year to year. More than anything else, I want us to look like a team, no matter what color the jersey, so I'll be sticking with the strongest visual cues and changing as little as possible in the major logo and type elements. There may be some tweaks in the minor logos and the lightest shade of color may be a bit darker in the magenta and tangerine mixes...we'll see...but the shades will be the same and likely only one of the minor logos will change to make room for another perhaps (not sure if I have time to do it or if I will like the look, but overall it will look very much like 2010's design and fit with colors from the past).

I wouldn't be offering or buying these jerseys myself if I didn't think they are awesome. I'd just let it go and be done with the hassle. But I love the jerseys and love to see them out skating. Thank you for trusting me with your orders and for wearing the jerseys! I don't know how many I'll buy this time but I want to get some of the colors done the right way with strong logos and spot color. I think some will want the WTF in their fave colors or to replace ones damaged by asphalt...or pizza...or to tighten up the loose fit a bit and wear something shaped like them!


SleeveLESS is available and they have been trimmed up a bit based on our input. I was pleased in 2010 and think most were happy with a shorter shoulder seam length! Again, getting this right was important to my feeling good about offering these special order reprints! There is no way we would proliferate floppy shoulders in the NO Sleeve SleeveLESS version. This ain't no pickup basketball game, and we have basketball jerseys for that anyway. 

So I've waited five years to feel good about everything enough to offer special limited edition reprints without the mystery. I'll probably get some so I can get the great new cut and layout in colors that had logo sizes that don't work so well on a gravitationally gifted skater like me. Yes I may be getting hot magenta with a bold RSN logo instead of a wimpy one halfway down my back! 

Roadskater.net jerseys are a premium version of the standard 3-pocket cycling and road skating kit, but have much nicer, more comfortable and durable wicking fabric and the supersweet 19" zipper for better body temperature control and easier doffing and donning).


34"-36" 37"-39" 40"-42" 43"-45" 46"-48" 49"-51" 52"-54"
29" 32"-34" 34"-36" 36"-38" 38"-40" 40"-42" 42"-44"

* About the OMG ORIGINAL MODEL GORGEOUS ROAD CLASSIC (NOT the Women's fit), please note the dropdown boxes we used to use in the order forms are different from the chart above. It's up to you, but the sizes should be more like this in our opinion (and if you use the chart above, definitely pay attention to the waist sizes, as they can be especially important early in the spring!). We think the sizes run somewhat like this for chest size:

  • omg XS 33-35 inch chest
  • omg S 35-37 inch chest
  • omg M 36-39 inch chest
  • omg L 40-42 inch chest
  • omg XL 42-44 inch chest
  • omg 2XL 44-46 inch chest
  • omg 3XL 46-49 inch chest
  • omg 4XL 49+ inch chest

We think we know their sizes better than they do, but this is open for discussion, and we don't all agree on everything of course. They are promised to be the same in size and cut as last year's edition, if that helps you, but these are made by humans, so subject to variation, and whenever salespeople are involved, well you know what can happen.

Sizes in the order form are suggestions at this point, but I trust these numbers more than the ones I saw on the ROAD CLASSIC sizing chart for the mf'er. But you decide. I measured my chest at 42" and I'm sure I do not want to go down to the L size, and there's no way I'd even ruin an M by trying to put it on, so I will stay with the XL Even if I didn't need much room around the midsection, I'd still want XL I believe. I can see how a person with a 42" chest and slimmer midriff WHO LIKES THINGS SNUG would want L BUT IN GENERAL IF YOU ARE ON THE LINE, SUGGEST YOU GET THE LARGER SIZE...then abuse it a bit to shrink it if you need to, or put out the word for a swap. Still, you know when you weigh more and less and when you'll be wearing the jersey. 



In response to requests from several female skaters we experimented with offering a women's cut jersey this year. It was a definite hit. So this women's specialty fit sounds like it might be right for some to give it a try! According to the manufacturer (hereafter referred to as "the mf'er"), this is a shorter jersey with smaller arm holes and slightly shorter short sleeves. The size chart below is based on the manufacturer's information. 

The WTF is awesome. Some of my most particular skateyfriends are especially thrilled with thier WTF RSN jersey. 

Women's Trim Fit Jersey WTF Get It, Get It, Get It!

This is the super popular trim style that perhaps even some of you skatey gents might like to try. Unlike the 2008 and 2009 sleeveless classic that left shorter or slimmer (or both) women with extra material where they didn't need it, and none where they'd like a bit more for modesty's sake on the road, the 2010 WTF had no returns and nothing but positives from the brave femmes who gave it a try the first time offered sight unseen.

Don't get me wrong, I have every edition of the Roadskater.net jersey and in sleeveless and short sleeves, and I wear all of them. I know little things about some of them that I don't like so much, and I was disappointed in the 2008 sleeveless pattern, and the 2009 looked good in smaller sizes, but the mf'er didn't take much care that year to do additional artwork required to make the larger sizes look good. So 2010 was a big year and I pressed hard early on to find out if I could reach someone who would know more than me about their product, and actually care how it came out.

We got that this year, and the results were exciting, and I felt confident enough to even add a new women's design, something I never felt comfortable adding to the mix earlier because of other problems. 

But now I am thrilled to say come and get it! The RSN logo will be big and bold no matter what color you stir it in, and that is the way it should be! Always was! Balance the strong and the beautiful!

If you like the previous road classic sizing and relaxed fit, stick with that, I'd say. The supersoft wicking fabric and supersweet 19" zipper are the same that we've always had and these are key components that go into making the Roadskater.net great enough to keep ordering year after year. Like the OMG CLASSIC, the WTF has 3 pockets on the lower back of the jersey like all we've ordered since we began in 2005. 

Ordering is open to all sizes of course. Here's a WOMEN'S SPECIALTY FIT CHART and this chart is NOT for the OMG Original Model Gorgeous classic club fit we've been using. Please note that I am also going to set XS as the smallest size for the OMG jerseys. Women who might order XS and even larger sizes in Classic OMG should consider ordering the Women's fit I think, especially if you like a trimmer midsection fit. You can get SHORT sleeves or NO sleeves as with the other jerseys. The WTF was a huge hit among all who ordered it, and women who ordered the classic OMG jersey were equally happy this year...it was a good year for ordering!  





Some ask which sleeve style I and others like among the Roadskater.net jerseys. If I were going to get just one jersey, I'd likely get the short sleeved, since it has more fabric and thus more decoration, and it can be used in winter with arm warmers with no gaps, and in summer with sleeves rolled under (they stay up better if rolled under rather than over). I wear the sleeveless often in late May through August, but sometimes I wear the short sleeved if there's a cool early morning rollout, and later in the day when it gets hot, I roll the sleeves under. I think sizing is more forgiving with short sleeves too.

But it's hard to deny that on a really smokin' hot humid day, the NO sleeve sleeveless are awesome. Others covet the sleeveless since there are not so many skating or cycling jerseys available that way. I can't imagine not having a handful of each available, but still, if I could get only one, I'd lean toward the SHORT sleeved version. 


Why get a Roadskater.net jersey? First, to be distinctly visible as you share the road. We think wearing the jersey when training helps our visibility and makes it look a bit more like we're on a team and working for a charity or other goal (and we wear our race numbers from the last event on our waterpacks sometimes to reinforce this idea...who knows if it helps, but we believe it does). It looks good on you, and feels good on you, and the pockets make it a bit more likely you'll take some needed stuff along, perhaps. The fabric is fab, the zipper is supersweet, and the colors are cool. And it spreads skateylove yes and says we're grateful to be skateful. 


After five editions and almost six years of wear, the Roadskater.net jerseys are heavily road-tested and roadskater approved. The 2005 jerseys have been very durable and are still comfortably soft and the colors are sharp and vivid. I have been amazed at their durability through many miles and many machine washes. 


If you buy MORE THAN ONE JERSEY, remember to email me for a $3 refund on each extra jersey beyond the first. The IMPORTANT THING is if you can't order, email your commitment (with ALL the details and WHEN you can pay) and your questions to (without spaces): 

b l a k e @ r o a d s k a t e r . n e t  

Site members may use the contact form to send me a message here... 



roadskater-net-jersey-banner-color-numbers.jpg46.99 KB
roadskater-net-jersey-special-edition-color-numbers.jpg408.98 KB


timv's picture

About jersey size creep

I didn't read every word of text there (sorry!) so maybe you covered this, but since I didn't catch it on my first reading I'll mention here:

I'm quite pleased with the fit of this year's Sunflower Yellow short sleeve OMG and it suits me every bit as much as the classic Sunlit Green and True Violet ones,  but my older jerseys are size Extra Large while this year's jersey that fits me just as well is size Large.

The fit seems to have been relaxed such that a given labeled size is now as big as the previously next-larger size, or conversely a given actual-size jersey is now labeled with the previously next-smaller size.

At least that seems to be the case for L and XL sizes, and it might be something that deserves some special emphasis.

I'm not getting any smaller, that's for certain, but I suppose it might be that I'm not getting larger as quickly as the median male. I'll definitely be getting a blue one. I've been sorry that I missed that one. (Despite the avatar photo on all my posts and comments... I borrowed that one from Blake for my picture for this site!)

roadskater's picture

Are You Calling Me a Jersey Size Creep? :o)

Hey timv thanks for the input. I think 08 was the largest, then 09. I think 10 was a bit more trim but not as much as the 05, which was a wee bit bigger than 06 and 07, maybe. So 10 must be upper midrange among them to me. 

The important question is whether you feel up to sharing your chest measurement so people who read your choice of Large will have a reference. It's ok if you don't want to. I put mine out there and I am sure I don't want to go lower. If I truly lost a whole size or two, I'd be happy to do my own reprint run with six years and two sleeve lengths to make up a dozen! I say I'd be happy, but that'd be a decent order for one person. 

Thanks again for putting in your opinion and knowledge. 

timv's picture

Do You Have Something Against People from Jersey? :-)

I've dared to measure my chest for the public record after 30+ hours of fasting (just kidding): Right on 40 inches, maybe +/- 1/2" depending on how tight I pull the tape and whether I inhale or exhale.

Clothes sizing has gotten quite ridiculous. I regularly wear a size S Columbia fleece jacket over XL t-shirts. A small t-shirt on me would be like Under Armour if I could even put it on without ripping it, while an extra-large fleece jacket would fit me like a Snuggie.

eebee's picture

Jersey Size Karma Police (WTF)

I already posted about this but I'll post it again! The WTF sunflower yellow size L fits me just about right, and I based it on that sizing chart.


But - for a minute I lost myself - in the sleeveless tangerine and hot magenta. So it'll be nice to have a WTF version of the latter. 


I'm so glad that all Roadskater's hard work, loyalty and tenacity paid off with the Mf'er this year. 

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