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Paceline Bicycles, Winston Salem NC Tour To Tanglewood for MS Free Bike Training Ride Inline Skate: July 25, 2009

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Part of a series of excellent free skrides (bike rides where skilled inline skaters are welcome) put on by the NC Central Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The rides are well-supported, marked, and free to all, including those who may not end up participating in the annual Tour to Tanglewood for MS (but you will love the training rides so much you'll be more likely to do the tour after trying most training rides). These rides are for beginners who've trained a little and everyone else on up to experts. SAG and rest stop and bike support team are great. These rides are often better than paid rides elsewhere. Give the tour a try! Sign-In starts at 7:30 a.m. and safety talk about 8:20 a.m. so be ready to roll even though official start is supposed to not be before 8:30 a.m. It's always good to catch a rest room on the way to the hosting shop instead of waiting on the longer lines for relief there. Paceline Winston-Salem is a nice training ride with just a bit of attention needed at the start (mostly uphill feeling) and coming back in (especially at a downhill stoplight that needs some good attention to braking and timing, but is not a bad deal really). The rest of it is good hilly fun as long as it's not the day after a fresh storm as it was a few years back. Anything in Winston-Salem will likely need a bit more hill skill but that's fun too, eh? Hope to see you there skating or wearing a Roadskater.net jersey helping out a rest stop maybe? Come join us!
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Hate to miss this one too but........

This training skride conflict w/ Cup-N-Cone in Apex. But needless to say if the skater count is light then the TTT training skride will win out.
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Paceline Winston MS Training Ride

It's been seven years since I took part in the Winston-Salem Paceline Tour to Tanglewood training ride. My first ever training ride back in 2002, I remember Northinsouth pushing me the last 4 miles or so back to town. I wasn't used to 35 mile roadskates at the time and wasn't sure how to pace myself, or of my own limitations and capabilities. This time the weather wasn't humid, the pavement was mostly smooth and physically I felt great! We were able to keep above 12mph moving average but finished 35 miles in something like 3 hrs 10 mins after factoring in a couple of stops. The mileage on the cue sheet was somewhat iffy, but I believe the mileage options ended up as 22 and 35 miles. Elaine & Valerie's rest stop was about 17 miles out, with the route splitting shortly afterwards. We took the extended loop, which passes a stunning, refurbished historic mill house on the edge of a reservoir somewhere on the outskirts of Clemmons. This property is at the bottom of a hill, right at a blind 90 degree turn in the road, which then leads straight upwards around the rest of the property. We experienced nothing but patient, friendly motorists on this ride and had a few of them on our tail on the way down this hill. We hopped off the road right after the 90 degree bend to let them pass and to go back and get some photos. Not having yet seen the picturesque setting on the way down a few minutes beforehand, I was reluctant to go back. But I'm glad we did because it is beautiful, and peaceful looking. A quick Google search shows this property up for sale for $2 mil, with monthly payments over $9,000. The loop rollercoastered up and down into a lake resort-style residential community, where we encountered more friendly, relaxed citizens walking or cycling. It was a pleasant, relaxing morning for me in clear weather with friendly company. This was the first training ride of 2009 for Roadskater and myself. It was nice to see familiar faces from the Tour.

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