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Photos and Maps from 95-Mile Inline Skate on Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga Trail: Smyrna, GA to Anniston, Alabama

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I've just finished and uploaded 835 or so photos of our 95-mile excursion from July 4, 2009. The vast majority of the route was railtrail, with some exceptions we noted elsewhere on the site. Perhaps more comments on the photos later. For now, here's the link... http://roadskater.net/photos/silver-comet-chief-ladiga-trail-inline-skat... The 3D thumbnail map lets you see smaller versions of the photos where they were taken on a Google Earth map (requires Google Earth from earth.google.com)... http://roadskater.net/photos/silver-comet-chief-ladiga-trail-inline-skat... Hope you like them. Roadskater
The Complete Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga Trail on July 4, 2009


Google Earth

In the Google Earth file... Very steep hill between pictures 362 and 364. Pictures 373, 375, and 379 show some of the minor hills, where the trail goes along a highway rather than a railway grade. I lost my wheel somewhere before Picture 430, I think, because this was one of the places where we stopped to try to fix it. I think this is the place at which I gave up and just took the wheel off. I think I noticed the loose wheel somewhere around picture 408. The areas around pictures 422 and 438 (and there were also other areas) show where the trail crosses tracks, zigs down the road a bit, and resumes on the other side. Note that there are bumps, like you see at crosswalks, where the trail meets the road. You can see this bumpy part in the lower left of Picture 454. The biggest hill of the skate started around picture 457. Notice that the elevation around picture 456 is 855 feet and rises to 975 feet around picture 465. At this point we did stop and rest. Meanwhile, I decided that I needed to put the axle back in the frame to stiffen the frame bit because I bent it a little while climbing the hill without my right front wheel. Around picture 479 we got some fun downhills. The right/left combination after picture 482 was somewhat scary because that left turn came at high speed. Leaning on my outside (right) skate while making that left turn was not as safe as I'd like. The run-ins with the ATVs occurred right after picture 485. We had to stop quickly after a downhill when we thought we heard a car on the road, but it was only some ATVs that were very loud. Picture 500 is at the bottom of a short but dangerous hill. It was here, around picture 499, where I found some help and got my skate repaired. Rest of the skate was relatively uneventful from my point of view, now that my wheel/axle drama was resolved!

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