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Photos from Roadskater.net Carolina Century and Today We Ride for Dave 2009 David Sherman Memorial Ride

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I'm still not ready to write about the Carolina Century in all its glory, but I have published almost a thousand more photos from both the 2009 Carolina Century and the Today We Ride for Dave 2009 David Sherman Memorial Ride, so I wanted to share those links. I can promise better weather for the 3rd annual Carolina Century! It was epic. The Carolina Century photos are a good way to see part of the route, with trees, barns, horses, llamas, a few people and lots of mist inside and outside the lens. My camera was so soaked it shut down for about 40 miles, but i took the battery out and carried it in the wind a few hours and it came back for the last 30 miles. The important thing is the amazing volunteers and hearty participants raised a good chunk of money for people with multiple sclerosis, and we had several first or second time empiric centurions on this grueling day. Three roadskaters completed the century, with others doing 42, 31 and 21 miles on a tough morning. My deepest thanks to everyone who came out for our event in challenging circumstances. The 2d and 3d maps are still to come, most likely. Geolocation is good for all photos except those ending in suffix n-z, where it is fair. Time is within a second for all photos but the n-z suffixed ones, which should be off by less than two minutes. 450 photos. http://roadskater.net/photos/carolina-century-2009-greensboro-nc-102-mil... It could not have been finer weather for Today We Ride for Dave and I think we all needed a great day out. The photos have lots of repetition for the 50-miler start but I hope you find yourself or a loved one there. The photos from the 25 mile event are more varied since I was on the road with the participants. Perhaps 2d and 3d maps and more accurate geolocation for the first seven miles or so may come later if I can merge some GPS data (I left mine off for the first few miles). http://roadskater.net/photos/today-we-ride-for-dave-2009-david-sherman-m... As we privately rolled our way through various levels of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, the shared focus was on love for Dave, joy for life, abundance of wheels, roadways for the soul, liberty for most, and justice for all. 545 photos.
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