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Photos, Speed Topo Map, 3-D Thumbnail Map from Tour de Lions 2009 Bike Ride Inline Skate (Skride) in Grays Chapel NC

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The 215 photos that made the final cut for the Tour de Lions 2009 gallery are now geocoded, thanks to eebee's .tcx file. My 305 was locked up and I didn't yet know how to unlock it (see http://roadskater.net/how-reboot-garmin-forerunner-305-locked-when-recharging-cradle-and-wont-power for info). As a result, there are some photos where she was up ahead waiting on me to finish snappin' so the location is not exact, but they're close.

Check out the 215 photos on the Roadskater.net classic site, at http://rsn1.net or...

See the 3-D route map with photos on the Google Earth surface as thumbnails here...

The speed map that shows speeds in different colors on a topo is here...if it isn't showing up below, that is...

There's lots to say, but for now, I hope you like the photos and want to share your stories from the road or tell us which are your favorite photos.

This is a great event every year for great local causes helping people with basic needs. Please join us next year on skates or a bike!

Skateylove, roadskater


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Great photos!

Thanks for posting these photos! This one is my favorite, although I haven't made it to the end of them yet. I love the downhill perspective plus car, the flat-bottomed wannabe storm cloud that couldn't quite get enough updraft or moisture to be dangerous, and of course the skaters!
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Good stuff

Very nice stuff. Thanks for helping to make my first TdL such a great event. The thumbnails are great but unfortunately my computer doesn't want to open the individual photos....I get a black screen w/ the pic# in the upper left corner....oh well. At least I can play back the video memory in my head. Thanks!

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