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Youngest Triple Axeler and an Octogenater

I went to see the video of the youngest female to do a triple axel, and it was kind of fun to watch, especially with the interviewer almost falling most of the time, but I also enjoyed another video about an over-80 skater who loves his skating like dad loved riding his bike in his 80s. His specialady skates too. Fun stuff.

'I'm the youngest lady to land a triple axel' - BBC News

Thirteen-year-old Alysa Liu is the youngest ever US women's national figure skating champion.

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Imagine Winning World Championships in Speedskating and Cycling in the Same Year...Twice

I sometimes imagine winning my age group in a small enough race where there might be one or two others in my group. Ha! Imagine winning the world championships in speedskating. Then imagine that same year taking the world championships in cycling! Thirty years ago, that's what Sheila Young did. Check out the great form and how close she sets down to the snow-marked lane edge in the photo attached to the story below...

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Detroit and Farmington Michigan Folk Might Enjoy Metroparks Coffee Table Guide

Folk from Detroit, especially our pals in Farmington, might enjoy a book mentioned in the Farmington newspaper (not sure of the name but perhaps it's called HometownLife?). As the article states...

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Wolverine Inline Marathon results posted

The results from the Wolverine Inline Marathon (back in May) are finally posted...



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Naomi Grigg - Freestyle workshop

Naomi Grigg is coming to the U.S and one of her workshops will be in Detroit!!!!!

Check out Naomi's website www.skatefreestyle.com

This promises to be an awesome and fun workshop. Contact Katherine for more details, you will be able to secure your place soon and it will fill up fast!

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Farmington founder's day parade - skate routine

So I wanted to tell you all about the other thing that we do on skates - dancing! Every winter we put on a party with routines to music - the Skater's Winter Snowball in Farmington, and every summer we put together a routine for the parade (also to music). Here is a link to video and pictures of this years snowball (see who you can recognize!) http://www.cdsdetroit.com/2-25-06-swsb/page.html 

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Skate while the sun shines.....

Today Blake gave me some very good advice that no matter what the weather is like wherever you are (work, home etc.) you should drive to the park before deciding that it is too wet to skate.

So the rain started as I walked out of work and was big splots as I drove home. So I threw my bike in the back of the car figuring if it was raining or the pavement was too wet at the park then I would just ride my bike. As I drove to the park I began to think it was raining so hard that I might not be able to do that! Then all of a sudden I turned a corner and the road dried out and the sun was out. At the park the path was dry and the sun was shining. I did half the loop (willow and oakwood metroparks) about 12 miles in an hour and had a big smile on my face (plus a few bugs!)

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