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Archdale NC

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A Yellow Bike to Ride Alone

This one's for those who don't want to ride alone. I had a purple sparkluscious banana high-rise for wheelies to the pool. But later, my first 10-speed was an inexpensive, road-stripe yellow Japanese no-namer, with gears by a company nobody knew of called Shimano. "Prob'ly never be any good," some folk said.

I rode hilly miles to the valley for native brook fishing in the clear crystal flows and deep cool shadows of the Blue Ridge. The solo ride and the focused solitude of trout fishing without much success rejuvenated my village self to return the hills.

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Spinz Bicycle Shop Archdale NC Tour To Tanglewood for MS Free Bike Training Ride Inline Skate: July 11, 2009

Part of a series of excellent free skrides (bike rides where skilled inline skaters are welcome) put on by the NC Central Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The rides are well-supported, marked, and free to all, including those who may not end up participating in the annual Tour to Tanglewood for MS (but you will love the training rides so much you'll be more likely to do the tour after trying most training rides). These rides are for beginners who've trained a little and everyone else on up to experts. SAG and rest stop and bike support team are great.
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Tour to Tanglewood for MS 2009 Free Bike Training Rides & Inline Skates Scheduled

These are the best free skrides and some of the best skrides in North Carolina, especially if you are on your way to getting into shape for the fall season of longer distances and weekend tours, like the awesome Tour to Tanglewood for MS. The support from the veteran rest stop heroes, Valerie and Elaine, is a good start to any ride. When the bike shops pitch in (some more than others) it can make it an incredible day out on the road with the bikes.

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Photos & Thumbnail Route Map: Spinz Bike Shop High Point Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate

Here are the photos for the Spinz Bike Shop training bike ride and inline skate in Archdale, High Point and surrounds. Hope you love 'em. Here are the links to Roadskater.net Classic (http://RSN1.net):

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Speed Map: Spinz Bike Shop High Point Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate

Here's the speed map from the Spinz bike shop training bike ride and skate in High Point, Archdale and Sophia, almost up to Caraway Mountain. We maxed out at 35 or so but some of it felt faster because of the country side, lay of the land, and curve of the roads. There were some stiff climbs and it was a fun day of skatey company even if we weren't all at the same speed all the time. The rain at the end gave eebee a little spark since that's childhood weather for her methinks. Jack, eebee and myself cruised in after the others had departed...I think that was Andrew, Kim and Amy and I hope I'm not missing anyone here...we were not all really together before the start!

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Roadskater.net Classic Inline Skating & Cycling Photos

This is a quick first hack at getting some 2007 photo links over to the new Roadskater.net from RSN Classic (rsn1.net). There will be much more later, and I won't even go into it all now. It's been "in the works" (meaning in my brain) for almost two years now. I don't want to do it until I can do it "right," and the way I want it to look.

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Spinz Bike Shop 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos Bike Ride & Inline Skate

I enjoyed the Spinz Ride a lot and had a chance to share a nice sunny morning with our newest local Roadskater in the hills around High Point and Archdale, NC. Sunflowers brightened the day significantly, and we made our way along well enough. Spinz did a great job of hosting and we appreciated their welcoming us. Hope you love the photos, and if you do, let us all know which ones! Here's a link to the RSN classic photo page:

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2 eggs 2 slices of bacon and 2 pancakes for $2.32; Plus Panera Sweet Tea & Free Wifi

No, this is not about healthy eating, or training, or skating, except that I'll need to think about those things later in the day. I just got back from enjoying an amazing anachronism: breakfast with 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon and 2 large pancakes for $2.32...and the food was good!

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