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Poll: How much difference between 3-point inline skate mounting system vs. 2-Point


3 pt. vs. 2 pt. (165) Part 2

Don't get me wrong, I voted that there was not much difference, but my 3 point skates are the finest skates I've ever skated on. This question is somewhat "loaded" as it's impossible to separate the frames from the boots in the case of the 3 points. I have Bont's Semi-Race boots with the 12.5" magnesium frames. I swapped out the aluminum frames to get my skates as light as possible, so when I hold a 3 pt. skate in one hand, and an R4 with a carbon 3 100 X 1 84 in the other, the Bont feels like a feather and the Powerslide feels like a tank. Both skates fit me perfectly. The carbon frames do absorb a tad more vibration, but once again, I'm an old 140 lb. girl that isn't going to flex much of anything with my lame push. I just feel that the lighter weight helps me last longer. It depends on the skater and what the skater is looking to accomplish as to which set up will work the best, but a heavier skater is going to benefit more from a lack of flex and whatever equipment will stand up to a more rigorous skater.
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How About Those Bont Semi-Race Boots?

So tell us about those Bont Semi-Race boots. You've tried a lot of setups as I recall and I'm interested in what you love about the Semi-Race. Also I'm guessing you have 4x100? If you get the Semi-Race, I assume you have to get a Bont frame (not that the frames are bad, as I don't know). The Semi-Race is a stock boot, correct? Thanks.

3 pt. vs. 2 pt. (165)

I am an old, 140 lb. female. As such, I cannot apply the force, nor do I have the weight behind my push, to experience flexing or less efficiency than most skaters. Heavier, younger men will challenge their equipment more and reap more benefits from the 3 point mounting system.
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That's a Good Point About Age, Weight and Strength

Hi clairem: That's a good point about the difference and who could make the most out of the 3-point system. I wonder if the technology is fully ready. It looks like it would be stronger and stiffer and perhaps even a lower setup? I'm still in the 165mm 3x100+84 stage for now. And at 165mm vs. 195mm, I would guess there is less need for the third mounting block. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Share your experience with 3-point inline skate mounting systems

This poll is intended for those of you who have used 3-point mounting systems for inline speed skates, and have also skated on the old 165 mm or newer 195 mm setup. We encourage your comments too!

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