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Post-Birthday Skate Update: Inline Skating Greensboro Country Park

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First off, thanks to everyone for your supportive comments and interest. The 58.3 mile in 5:29 went off without a hitch, excepting a soreness on the ball of my left foot. I don't have all the vitals from my Forerunner 305 on hand, but will post those soon. I started off at 6:45 am from the lower parking lot at Country Park, which proved to be fortuitous as the heat and humidity really started to assert themselves at my 12:15 p finishing time.

I learned that wearing the Forerunner on the inside of my wrist is a must due to unintended button pushes while my hands were behind my back. I should have known better. I only lost 0.9 miles when I noticed that the timer had stopped, which also stops all other quantitative functions except heartrate and actual speed.

 Of the 37 laps, the last 4 were the fastest, with times up to a minute less than the previous 33. It was an exercise in focus and discipline to be sure, along with being very rewarding. My friend, Pandora was there at the start and for the last hour at the finish as support crew and cheerleader. Also helping were the numerous strangers who smiled, waved, or very briefly chatted during the rounds. Looking forward to a repeat next year, with another mile tacked on..


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Super job there

Congratulations on achieving your goal in such a fine fashion, Jack. I'm beyond being impressed at the accomplishment, but I never doubted that you'd be able to do it. That's most excellent!
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Yes Jack is an amazingly efficient skater

What is amazing to me is that Jack only recently got back on his skates and he's already just breezing along efficiently. Surely his general fitness and lean physique (and careful food choices) help in the power to weight ratio, but there's plenty of power there, too, and balance. He can achieve a super slow cadence and keep his speed such that I can't do that and keep up speed wise...yes I can stroke that slowly, yes I can do the balancing, but certainly not with the power. I don't have the power to compensate for the extra weight. For northinsouth too, I note that he has always been extremely strong, no matter his weight or method of skating. (he doesn't need to work on form...it was born in him and learned on the ice of Ottawa in a powerful classic technique). Lately, he's been making careful food choices too and it's clear his power to weight ratio is incredible. Active work certainly helps and may be the best thing in support of skating (and general health). When I've had more physical work that at least required lots of standing and walking, weight was easier to maintain and some strength and fitness base was there to build upon with skating.
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missed this

I missed this post earlier. Congrats, Jack. And happy 58.3 birthday :-). Incredible that the last laps were the fastest - reminiscent of Skatey-Mark's 24 hour skate at Montreal. All that in the heat of summer, too. Wow.

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