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Road Rash!

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Inspired by Elizabeth's picture in the pads debate. I thought it would be fun to collect peoples worst road rash pictures - if not too distastefull (esp. when eating lunch) maybe Blake can make a book of them.

Here is the souvenir that I brought back from a skate on a trail in Vancouver - Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (very cool trail by the way). I decided to try out using the back of my leg as a stopping device and this was the result! We had already checked out of our hotel so Brad washed this in a supermarket parking lot with bottled water and hydrogen peroxide (ouch!) and they didn't have any non stick gauze which caused more pain later. A rather uncomfortable drive back to Seattle and flight from Seattle to Detroit. I now exclusively where cycling shorts when skating, for a little better abrasion protection, and carry Tegaderm for emergencies. All better now though and a decent battle scar!



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stupidest road rash

Just thought of an additional category for a road rash contest - stupidist road rash. Last night I fell on a curb (going to slow whilst picking up flyers for houses) and got a hefty bleeding road rash on my index finger. But none anywhere else. I know my knee pads saved me some decent knee bruises and road rash, but still.......pretty weird.
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Re: Stupidest road rash

That's funny (mainly because it reminds me of my stupid falls). I'm sorry though! I hope the injury heals soon!

This doesn't qualify as road rash but when we were in DC for the Skate DC weekend WAR skate, I was skating behind Blake and did a mini windmill motion with my arms when being caught off-guard by a manhole cover in the road. I didn't fall but I smacked the daylights out of his camera in his jersey back pocket (which he actually barely felt). I had this huge bruise on my knuckle that seemed to get worse as the day progressed. But nothing broken. Just a painful bruise in a weird place. Can't even claim I was executing some masterful underpush at the time, either :-)

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