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Roller tennis... in the snow

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Ok, you've heard of roller soccor... No? Well then check out the picture on the aprr website at


Well, after seeing tennis courts at the park that I usually skate at, I thought "Hey - they play soccer on skates, why not tennis? Didn't Eddy Metzger do that?" So I mentioned it to my son (Mick) and he was like "Yeah! Let's go to the tennis courts!" (We had both watched the ILQ-9 DVD that had video of Eddy playing tennis on his skates. I think ever since we watched that DVD, Mick has had his skates on every waking moment.)

We got there a little later than I thought cause I had to work overtime... (my own fault for getting to work late.dur.) But it was SO much fun! We went to tennis courts nearby instead of at the park, which were much much smoother. They are paved while the other courts are more of a turf. The skating was sooo smooth that Mick just skated around the whole court a few times before we got the rackets out. I think there are 5 or 6 courts in a row. He skates really good, but had never played tennis before. Well, by the time I got my skates on and we actually got down to serving to each other, we realized that we should have either gotten there much earlier or bought glow in the dark tennis balls. :-( What was even funnier, is that instead of quitting, we just kept serving to each other and would then stand really really quietly so we could hear where the ball landed on its first bounce... then we would sprint to where the sound came from and swing like crazy at the air to see if we could hit it... I was laughing my butt off! There was this one time I came REALLY close... but close is only good in horseshoes, so it didn't work with tennis. We didn't stay long because it was pretty cold out (37F and it had snowed in the afternoon) and figured we should get back in time to eat dinner and watch some TV together before bedtime. But we still took a couple laps around the court before we left. SOOOO smooth...

Oh yeah - and we had to pick up a new binder for him for school cause his other one broke that morning. THAT was when I found out you're not allowed to skate into OfficeMax. (Spoil sports)

Anyhow, just thought you all might get a kick out of ROLLER TENNIS. You should try it sometime. It's great exercise! Good for learning balance... probably.


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