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Sign Up Now for the Next Skate Strong Workshop! (August 18 2007 Raleigh NC)

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I'd like to start getting an idea of how many people will be taking my next workshop. It will be held on Saturday, August 18th. The location will most likely be the same as last time -- Reedy Creek Elementary School. The feedback from the first one was pretty good. I'd encourage anyone that attended the first one to post their thoughts so that others might sign up...


For those that don't know, I am teaching this workshop as part of my fundraising for Tour to Tanglewood. I've committed to raising $1000 for Multiple Sclerosis Society this year, and I'm about halfway to my goal. By taking this workshop, you're helping a great cause -- and that's beside all the fun you're going to have hanging out with other skaters and improving your skating technique!


The workshop is one day (Saturday). If there is enough interest, we can do a "social skate" Friday and/or Sunday as well. The drills will be very familiar to anyone that has taken another workshop, but I like to think I put my own unique spin on them and perhaps explain things in a slightly different way. For beginners, this workshop will be a great introduction to skating technique and will give you a head-start if you want to attend another workshop. (For example, Eddy Matzger's or Barry Publow's.)


It's only $60 to attend, and ALL money goes to MS Society. If you sign up for Tour to Tanglewood, you can even knock $20 off. Recruit a new skater/cyclist for the Tour, and knock another $20 off! The $60 price is good until August 4th, after which it goes up to $80. So sign up soon! Space is limited to 15 people.Signing up is easy -- just make a donation to MS Society, then send me an email. You can make a donation by clicking the link below...




More details can be found at http://www.skatestrong.com. (Note - website seems to be down at the moment, but I'll have it back up soon.)


Thanks for reading - hope to see you there!

- SM -

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