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Skate On..

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I'm skating twice a week, running two to three times a week, energy level has definitely increased, as per my goals when I started. One of my goals WAS NOT, however, losing any more weight. In 2 1/2 weeks I've gone from 142 to 132 lbs, I feel all springy and good, eating habits haven't changed. By all rights, I should be eating lots more, but if anything, sometimes I have to make myself eat, hmmm..

Anyhow, conditioning is coming back faster than I thought it might, that's a good thing. Tryng to vary it up, some cruise work, some max effort, just what feels good at the time. I don't want a regimented plan, no fun whatsoever. Progressing nicely..



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Re: Skate On

Jack I wish I had your problem...I think. I am really happy to hear that you are back out there skating again! Don't stop eating as you already have too many advantages to begin with. Soon we may have enough participants to do a downtown skate in evening light...with some cyclists in our group for the social mix and easy exercise as well.

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