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Skate, Bike or Walk to Work in Downtown Atlanta for a $15 Gift Card

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It would be worth getting a job in downtown Atlanta over the next month just to make a statement here!

The Downtown Transportation Management Association, part of Central Atlanta Progress, is offering commuters a $15 gift card if they find a more environmentally-friendly way to get themselves to work and back more than 23 times between Jan 15th and Feb 15th, 2008, according to an article in yesterday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The article lists walking, cycling, car-pooling, public transportation and working from home, but no suggestion of skating! What a great opportunity to open people's eyes to skating as a viable means of transportation! It'd be like doing a "D2A" each day (Dacula to Atlanta portion of the Athens-to-Atlanta Roadskate). Of course I'd have to get up at 4.30 each morning to get to work on time...but it'd be worth the training, photo ops and general publicity for inline skating. I hope some of the Aprr guys do this.


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FIne print

Does it actually have to be from home to work and back, or just "to work and back" as you first put it? Maybe just skate a couple of miles each way to meet the letter of the requirement? (Of course it's just a stinking little $15 card. You'd burn up more than that in wheels if you went any significant distance. If they were really serious about it...)
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There are Other Incentives, too

Well Timv, I don't know.

I looked at the Downtown TMA website and found they have offered or are offering other incentives, such as monetary rewards for those already carpooling, on an ongoing basis. I agree with you about the price of wheels. But honestly, I'm so encouraged by the publicity surrounding this little project, I think I would go ahead and do it if I worked downtown. Of all the things I waste my money on regularly in spite of my budget, I'd consider this one well worth the wheel loss! Unfortunately, I'm used to wearing my wheels down to nothing for lack of money:-)

I know  you didn't necessarily mean me, when you said $15 wasn't much, and I agree. It'd be great to have even bigger incentives. The term 'tax break' tends to work well on Americans. As if a membership-free toned body, free anti-depressants (natural endorphins), and health aren't incentive enough!

I can't find any info right now specifying 'from home and back' or if commuters could drive into town a bit, park then skate in.

It is possible to cycle or skate to work here year round if you fancy putting your life into the road-raged hands of others. If it is supported by certain 'authorities' and publicized, however, I'd be all over that. Make it gimmicky to prove a point, even.

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