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Skate boot laces

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Looks like the ladybug laces on my Verducci V-Maxx boots are getting a little fuzzy 'round the edges. Time to buy some new ones. What types of laces have you found work well for staying put while skating? I find I have to adjust my laces about 5 times in the first hour of skating. I have my sock situation covered and have just the right thickness. Now all I need are some laces that will

A) Stay as tight as I tied them (for longer than 10 minutes at a time!)

B) Be thin or flat enough to not catch on the velcro-flap that covers the laces. This flap is pretty useless and I've thought about cutting it off! It mostly only sticks to the laces. Bad design!

I cannibalized an old pair of one of my kids' cleats out of desperation for laces once, and found those laces to be very thin, sturdy and very long. They worked like a dream. I have not been able to find any more since.

I have tried waxed and unwaxed long hockey-skate type laces, but they were far too bulky and the velcro-flap hanging open seriously hampered my aerodynamics. I lost a good 0.0000001 mph. So I need some thin laces. I don't care if they break every month, just as long as they stay taut!   

Any ideas, anyone?



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Round Sport Laces

I think what I've been using of late has been working pretty well. They're round sport laces that I found at Wal-Mart (and later also at CVS pharmacy). They're mostly one color but the "edges" are a highlighted color, at least in some versions. Anyway the "round" part means they're not made flat like most laces, but they're not exactly round either. These are probably the laces you got from the cleats, as they're used a lot in sports shoes. The Velcro will grab these and make them fuzzy, but I'm much more happy with these than the waxed laces I used to use. Hope this helps. Give 'em a try. They're very inexpensive and come in colors!

Skate Laces

One thing is true about laces, regardless of anyone's individual preference. Once you find something you like, STOCK UP!

Personally, I have to use flat laces.  Round or even narrow flat laces irritate the top of my foot.  This is true for me even in sneakers.  If the laces are rounded, I can't tie them as firmly as I'd like.  My feet are bony, and I've resisted the urge to beef-up the tongue so that I could use those types of laces because this is true for me beyond my skates.  I'm a wuss and my feet are hyper-sensitive. 

I use wider waxed laces for comfort.  While they are annoying to lace, due to their bulk, they don't give me a case of lace bite either.  I've found that they have to be broken in as they keep stretching for the first couple of weeks, but then I found them to settle in nicely and keep a good grip on things.  When I finally found the ones that I liked, I bought a couple of back-up pairs, so I haven't purchased any recently.  They last ones I bought were Powerslides though.  I doubt that they're the same. 

Good luck.  Let us know what works for you. 

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If only the Walmart ones worked! That'd be cheap and convenient. However, even those are too 'bulky'.

The leather tongues in my skates are more than sturdy enough to keep thin laces from cutting into my feet, so I'm not worried there. I just need to be able to find some. I even went to a local soccer-specific sports store, to no avail. I will keep looking. Looks like fat 'n' fluffy laces are all the rage these days!



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