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Skate while the sun shines.....

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Today Blake gave me some very good advice that no matter what the weather is like wherever you are (work, home etc.) you should drive to the park before deciding that it is too wet to skate.

So the rain started as I walked out of work and was big splots as I drove home. So I threw my bike in the back of the car figuring if it was raining or the pavement was too wet at the park then I would just ride my bike. As I drove to the park I began to think it was raining so hard that I might not be able to do that! Then all of a sudden I turned a corner and the road dried out and the sun was out. At the park the path was dry and the sun was shining. I did half the loop (willow and oakwood metroparks) about 12 miles in an hour and had a big smile on my face (plus a few bugs!)

Thanks for the great advice Blake! 


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Great advice, seems the

Great advice, seems the weather around here (Greensboro) can be very localized. Of course, I've had it happen the other way too, but it usually works out fine. An eye to the sky in the general direction your going is worth a try. I drive 20 miles each way to get to our great skate place, so I'll phone ahead to someone, if possible, just to be sure, if things look iffy.


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Moral advantage

Glad to see that this approach is spreading I figure that the real virtue is in getting myself there. If I go and then have to turn right around and come back home, no virtue is lost. But to stay home and not skate just because it looked like it might rain = big moral failing. And like you say, summer storms are really patchy. It can rain like crazy at home and the park might get 10 or 12 drops, so it's worth the (for me--different situation for you Jack, I know) fairly short drive to go there and find out for sure.
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Gmap Pedometer Lets You Share the Route

Well I'm really glad you got out there. But I surely don't always follow my own advice, but I am a serious watcher of fairly specific radar graphics too. The other part of the advice was my gig on going directly from work whenever possible without going home first. The gravitational force of home can be powerful, espcially if the napwaves are high within the abode. I've been trying to do too little if need be instead of doing too much.


Now this isn't an assignment, but if you'd like to share with us and the world where you skated, here's a tool we've used before. It's easy to learn and pretty fun to use, with options for map or sat or hybrid view, and the ability to save routes and post the links here.




Regardless, thanks for the note on the workout.


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Detroit metroparks


Couldn't make the GMAPS pedometer work (maybe because the path is not shown on the map, wouldn't pick up the points I clicked) but here is a link to the Detroit area metroparks maps. I usually skate in 10, 11 and 12 on the map (Willow, Lower Huron and Oakwood) all 3 are connected and make a 26 mile loop - pretty nice.

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gmap-pedometer troubles

Sorry for the gmap-pedometer difficulties. Perhaps your work environment is locked down somehow that inhibits the program, or perhaps gmap-pedometer.com was running slowly. Not sure. 

It looks like the satellite view shows the trail, and comparing with the map, I think they took artistic liberties for the artwork. It's a nice looking map, however. 

I made a route number in case you want to show the world your route and perhaps comment on the features of the trail using mile markers as a reference, or whatever (this is of course optional in the vast amounts of free time you have). Perhaps others will learn about the trail from that, who knows.

The map route number is...


...and it is currently focused on the part of the trail that bends up to share a bridge or high road where the train tracks go through. Are the train tracks still in use? I couldn't tell but it looks to me they may not be. Thanks for telling us where you skate. If you want me to add place names so you can tag with them, please let me know.


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