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Skater Felt Burning Sensation in Her Chest: After Several Coronary Microvascular Disease Heart Attacks, Skates Five Days a Week

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Even if you feel healthy and are active, this skater's story points out that it's important to know and pay attention to symptoms, then to seek attention when you feel an out of the ordinary pain or discomfort. Then after an initial diagnosis, when pain returns, get more diagnosis! At a time when I let a lot of things keep me from going skating, this woman is an inspiration to exercise and to seek help if I feel similar symptoms. Other brief stories here tell how others have faced their heart attacks. 

Heart disease: They didn't know what hit them - USA Today -

USA Today

Heart disease: They didn't know what hit them
USA Today
By Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY Toshawa Andrews has to keep her medicines close buy at all times while skating. Six years ago, Toshawa Andrews of Los Angeles was at an ice skating rink executing some tricky maneuvers when she felt a burning in her chest. ...

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Another good reason for getting/staying active!

There's another reason to take up a sport you love - it's a great way to be more in tune with your body and to notice any oddities by comparing training performances. Heart-rate monitors or not, you can often tell pretty quickly when something's up. 

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Looking Forward to Daylight Saving Time

I have so many bad excuses, some of which I hope will become off-topic articles, maybe even some lame youtube videos (notably using an obd2 code reader to look at live data from my car to try to repair p0171 and p0420 for inspection and licensing). Usually I find my way out there more in January and especially February, or I seem to recall that, but Daylight Saving Time really helps me get in the groove.

I hope that article helps someone keep symptoms and actions in mind. I need to try to remember all of that info, including the stuff about stroke symptoms, concussion tests, etc. We all do!

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Stroke Signs: FAST Face Arms Speech Time and Cheltenham Festival

Mostly listening to and sometimes watching the (Cheltenham horse racing) Festival I heard then saw a National Health Service (UK) commercial on stroke signs. Here's a web page but remember 911 in the USA OK?



The Festival is horse racing on grass with jumps and distances up to 4 miles or so (not sure if more). Lots of yak but a few minutes now and then worth watching, yehh. Lots of dialects to influence your speech. 


Here are a couple of races...





And here's a resource for educational purposes only of course...


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