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Skaters and Cyclists Win Golden Gate Park Saturdays

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Congratulations to the cyclists and skaters (and walkers and runners and more) of the Bay Area for winning a six month trial period of car-free Saturdays in Golden Gate Park. I read there was some serious opposition, and one editorial said this was against the will of the voters as expressed several years ago. Of course, voter opinion changes over several years dramatically sometimes. In any case, I'm glad and hope to enjoy this some day! Here's the article...

JFK Drive In Golden Gate Park To Close Temporarily
NBC11.com, CA - 59 minutes ago
... argued that Saturday closures would allow families and children to walk in the park, and would let bikers, joggers and people rollerblading exercise and enjoy ...



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The Golden Gate Park thing

That's great news. May many other parks follow suite. I don't know how big Golden Gate Park is, but surely there are ways to drive around it if you absolutely cannot part with your gas-guzzler for a day. I'm sitting here hoping and praying that higher gas prices are what finally gets this country out from behind the wheel, and into using human-powered means of transportation, or horses again, or anything other than gasoline.
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I agree. It would be cool

I agree. It would be cool to skate in SanFrancisco and even better without cars. I think that these kind of events make people feel safer on there bikes and skates and get out there. Just this morning someone asked me why we skate on the roads and not in the park, but the roads get you places!

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