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Athens To Atlanta

Please register now for A2A at the official site! http://a2a.net/?rsn2

Hi and welcome! AthensToAtlanta.com is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might want to try, the grandaddy open road ultramarathon skate in the USA, the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta roadskate. It's not a substitute for the a2a.net site, but a companion guide!

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2014 Berlin Inline Skate Marathon Video

Here's another skate marathon video (helmet cam) from Europe in 2014. The road surfaces look great! Video is over 1 hour long. 

The packs start to thin out after about ten minutes. Closed roads. Church bells. Bystanders cheering. Tramlines. "Paß auf!". Street musicians and the Doppler effect. 


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Mirthful Danish Long Track Ice Speed Skating Team Video



Somehow I ended up looking at skate videos on Youtube again. Here'1s more from Kevin Jagger (Mr. LongTrackLongShot.com) - the guy who jacked it all in with his day job to concentrate on trying to make it in the longtrack ice world. 


Speed Skating from my POV (with Phoenix)


Mr. Jagger Vs. Cindy Klassen 500m


And for comic relief, discover the Danish Speed Team's secret to success.


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Periodization and the Offseason - Or An Attempt Not To Lose It All

Lose all what, exactly? I can't say that this year's training and peaking event season has left me particularly buff, but I would like to retain what little muscle-tone and muscle-memory I did achieve. After some digging around online, I found an article by Rob Bell on inlineplanet, uploaded a few years ago: Periodization Training, Part 1: How to Make the Most of Your Training.

Bell separates the training calendar into these phases:



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Tour of California 2009 Stage 8: Frank Schleck Outsprints Nibali; Hincapie Third; Leipheimer, Zabriske, Rogers Make Tour Podium

Stage 8 was great for viewing except for the many in number but few in percentage fans, who ran for their own glory and fifteen seconds of fame. At times times these selfans impeded the cyclists, it seemed.

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Tour of California 2009 Stage 6: Leipheimer Wins Time Trial Over Zabriske, Larsson, Rogers, Voigt, Hincape, Zirbel, McCartney

The time trial seemed like it might be the only way to shake things up, and that it did, with some doubt by the end of the day whether Levi Leipheimer might be passed in the overall (GC, general classification) by David Zabriske, the USA road Time Trial champ.

Stage 6 Time Trial Top 20

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Tour of California 2009 Stage 5: Cavendish Noses Boonen; Leipheimer Still Leads

Stage 5 was another good one, but I wasn't able to catch it all. I did see Cavendish win again, this time just a bit further ahead than the day before, giving him more time to mug for the cams. 

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Tour of California 2009 Stage 4: 84 Tie, Cavendish Wins, Leipheimer Leads, Kirchen and Friere Out

Tour of California Stage 4 Merced to Clovis
The sun finally came out on the Tour of California in Stage 4, and so did the idiots. In fact, at one point on the final climb, an imbicile with a sharp implement meant to be some sort of devil's pitchfork too a head full of snow after one of the cyclists (purported to be Lance himself) was close enough to push him and his sharp tipped stick into the bank.

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